Band Rektor Wisuda Ketiga Tahun Akademik 2018/2019

2019-07-23 05:51:07 00:08:05 I feel sweaty and this fight is high concern I bet I got to dare to say that I don’t Well then close your eyes and drive to the way we you can remember It’s I don’t you can always go And bedtime I’ll be your side forever What Will you baby love with me and down there so much more I see by the way I thank you the time when we well then close your eyes ain’t no sweat I coming from my heart and it leaves you You I’m Bobby your shine forevermore If smile is beeps I’m always what – that’s what pray for for bad time Forever But prayer Tips works for an offshore it added up but the man sample here [Applause] Pazuzu Oh Backdoor Sent me Boo-yan champagne Hi dah dah Yeah afternoon danke soon danke well [Applause]

Band Rektor ITB pada Sidang Terbuka Wisuda Ketiga ITB Tahun Akademik 2018/2019 pada hari Sabtu. 20 Juli di Sasana Budaya Ganesha ITB
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