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2013-10-10 06:59:08 00:10:18 Why mm again mm I am a place with creative innovative curriculum and internationally respected the first part in credit and innovative thinking in real business application it is a faculty that aims to open mind aspire and impart knowledge over two decades of experience in delivering education excellence in business management

Mm Boog a.m. nowadays has more than 7,000 alumni over the years mm ooh km has established itself as one of the finest business schools and the leading provider of management education in Indonesia mmm I am also prides itself on being the first mover in creative and innovative

Thinking with a focus on real business applications program delivers learning and development processes tailored to the needs of business our high caliber academics are renowned combining top quality teaching with a program of active research and business consulting in the areas of marketing human resources and organization finance strategic management wealth management

Industrial organization entrepreneurship and general management if I choose to go to Indonesia for my master degree it’s because I knew the reputation of mmm again I really appreciate to study in the program the campus offers all the necessary facilities to study in optimal education which was an important criterion for me

It’s great to study abroad here since 1999 mmm I am has established fruitful collaborations and joint programs with 25 prestigious partner universities in Asia Europe Canada and Australia more than 500 mm ujm students have participated in international programs such as dual degrees student exchange and short courses at universities abroad

And more than 500 international students have come and shared their global perspectives at mmm who Gabe mmm ooh game became member of International Business School organizations such as Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business Network of International Business and Economics schools ASEA and University Network Alliance on business

Education and scholarship for tomorrow a 21st century organization Indonesian master of management program Association it’s absolutely amazing I’m taking care of their students everything is well prepared for us in the class students participation is joyful and courage moreover the professors are very approachable the class of lines and the

Rules are very clear so we can easily know what to expect shared values of M mu JM integrity consistency between speech and action objectivity and fairness evaluated and appreciated work objectively and fairly academic freedom as a foundation for learning teaching and research professionalism strive for the highest level of quality social

Concerns actively involved in handling and solving various problems mmm I am curriculum is dedicated to assisting students in developing strong leadership and the ability to create business attitudes based on the principles of good ethics and morality the curriculum consists of the most recent and integrated knowledge component based on the teaching goals

The subjects taken are divided into analytical tools managerial competencies vision and perspective and managerial behavior I’m a professor of marketing at mmm OPM and I’m also a visiting professor at Claremont Graduate School of Management in France and visiting professor at first time University in Germany I feel that everybody coming to

Mmm who came with a good part of career in the future in the marketplace and not like a paper route later puta para rightly two major benefits of studying at mmm again are practical learning and global connection I improved my analytical skill through case-based learning I develop my soft skill by joining student

Clubs mmm again unlocks my strengths sheesh my weakness Emma Graham is the finest Business School in Indonesia and leader in management education with good quality recommended lectures at number one qualified curriculum the other side I love studying here because there are so many interesting student activities

Mmm I am encourages students to have a balance between personal and professional life the student clubs are engaged in both academic and non-academic activities social services to foster village collaboration with student club community empowerment entrepreneurship training Merapi back to green marine plant conservation sustainable development Club we have continued to develop mm ujm

Jogjakarta by opening a new branch campus Magister Management Jakarta as an extension of the campus in Jogjakarta I’m happy to share that I’ve chosen the right path to study here with the wonderful resources very qualified lecturers and an access to an international standard Journal now I can

Assure you that choosing MMO game is the best option you will not regret this program is very successful as shown by the growing number of executives studying in mmm who gayyem jakarta year by year there’s always enhancement of students there mmm ooh game Jakarta has become very popular and has developed a

Strong reputation as a leading master’s program in the field of management as a businessman and entrepreneur economy is a very useful to run my business so many strategy and manager skills that I’ve implemented in my world it’s not onion everybody human but the curriculum is always up to date accordance to the global

I am sure and then again is one of the finest business world in Asia the main mm Boog a.m. campus is housed in a five-story building on the ujm campus interrupt Ricardo the second M mu J M campus is located in Kakaako both campuses are equipped with excellent facilities more than 30

Spacious classrooms make an ideal educational environment do you prefer the library with a large collection both in English and Indonesian mm ooh game auditorium is a main meeting room that can be used for general meetings and national and international seminars there is also a discussion room to focus group

Activities the student lounge is equipped with comfortable and cozy sofas billiard tables and a snack bar for student comfort the cafeteria is an exciting place to have a meal and discuss the issues that matter to you Wi-Fi access on each floor opens the global connection to shared knowledge

The garden has also become one of the preferred places for students to gather and discuss class work and socialize mmm I am also provides student housing for the students designed with a modern atmosphere fully furnished and equipped with ample supporting facilities we look forward to welcoming you and sincerely

Hope your study here will be pleasant and rewarding come and discover your leadership potential through a high-quality and unique program at the Masters of management program faculty of economics and business Universitas Gadjah Mada it is an ideal place for us to study but it is not just a degree it is an experience


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