#1 Proses Pendaftaran Beasiswa Pascasarjana Australia Awards

2018-03-15 07:03:42 00:09:21 Are you interested in applying for an Australia Awards postgraduate scholarship? The application process for the postgraduate education scholarship consists of several steps. Information concerning applying for an Australia Awards postgraduate scholarship can be found at the Australia Awards in Indonesia website in the Long Term Awards section.

Please visit our website and study the information provided there. In order that you can better understand the process, we have made a video that explains each step. The process includes the following: Qualification Completion of application form Announcement of successful completion of administrative requirements Interview and IELTS Test Announcement of Final Results

And Pre-departure Training This video is among a series of videos available on the Australia Awards in Indonesia website, which have been developed to assist you in understanding the requirements for a postgraduate education scholarship. We suggest that you watch all of the videos. This is the first video Let’s start from the beginning

Please make sure you have fulfilled the criteria for applying for a scholarship. These criteria can be found at the Australia Awards in Indonesia website Enter Long Term Awards, sub-section General Requirement. This information is also available on the Australia Awards in Indonesia – Australia Award Postgraduate Scholarship brochure

Make sure that you fulfill all of the requirements. If anything remains unclear to you, please contact the Australia Awards in Indonesia office The application criteria may change from year to year, Therefore, it is advisable to check the Australia Awards in Indonesia website to see if there are any new criteria.

Do not depend on application process information from previous years Australia Awards in Indonesia scholarships are available for all citizens of Indonesia. Women, disabled individuals and anyone from the designated geographic focus areas are encouraged to apply. Once you have carefully checked the scholarship application criteria,

Make sure that you select a field of study that can contribute to the development of Indonesia. Information related to priority fields of study can be found at the Australia Awards in Indonesia website and in the Australia Awards postgraduate scholarship brochure.

The Government of Australia and the Government of Indonesia periodically review the selected fields of study and adjust them to the ongoing needs of the program. Make certain that you visit the Australia Awards in Indonesia website to ascertain which fields of study are prioritised this year. After getting the full picture of application criteria,

Please proceed to the next section of the application process, which is completing the application form. Completing the application form correctly will influence your chances of being selected for a scholarship. For information, tips and instructions on how to fill in the application form, watch the video titled Completing the Application Form

In Australia Awards in Indonesia website, you will find various information and additional materials that can support your effort to complete the application form Applications can be filed online First, you must register at the OASIS website. After registering at the OASIS website, please complete the Additional Information for Online Application form

The link for which is available on the Australia Awards in Indonesia website in the long-term awards section in the How to Apply sub-section Both of the required forms can be updated as frequently as required, so that you can be confident of the answers your have provided.

Once you are satisfied with the answers you have provided, please click the submit button. Make sure to attach all of the important documents listed as required on the OASIS website and as Additional Information on the Australia Awards in Indonesia website. A number of documents will have to be legalised/notarised.

If any of the documents required are missing from your application submission, your application will be rejected for not fulfilling the requirements it may take some time for some documents to be prepared for proper submission. Please be advised to start preparing the documents for submission as quickly as possible.

Make sure you are not late in submitting your application form and do not wait until the deadline arrives to begin the submission process Be sure to complete the process promptly because the server can overload during the final hours before submission deadline

Now, what are the next steps, after the application form has been submitted? Once the application has been submitted, you will have to wait for the announcement of fulfillment of administrative requirements. All application will be carefully inspected and reviewed by the Joint Selection Team.

The Joint Selection Team, which consists of Indonesian and Australian academics will evaluate the quality of the scholarship applicants. The Joint Selection Team with take into consideration all aplicant’s Accumulative GPA, the university of origin, English language skills, the field of study selected, the candidates’ association with the development priority area in Indonesia,

As well as the potential contribution of the field of study selected to the careers of the individual applicants. Only then will the Joint Selection Team decide which candidate(s) will participate in the interview stage and the IELTS test.

The announcement of successful completion of the administrative process, will be made directly to the selected scholarship candidates through SMS and email. For those applicants who have successfully passed through the administration selection, the interview and the IELTS test will constitute the final stages of the selection process for the Australia Awards postgraduate scholarship

Once you have passed into the interview stage of selection, you should prepare yourself for the interview optimally. For strategies and tips on how to prepare for the interview, watch the video titled Interview on our website. Once the interview and IELTS test have been completed, you will simply have to wait for the results.

If you have been selected, you will receive an announcement of your results from Australia Awards in Indonesia through SMS and email. If you have not been selected, you will receive an announcement through email, which will include input on your application from Australia Awards in Indonesia.

This input will be helpful to you if you want to apply again in the next year. Those who have been selected to receive a scholarship will also receive information from Australia Awards in Indonesia concerning the Pre-departure Training program. Pre-departure Training is a program for preparing scholarship recipients for postgraduate education in Australia.

This program is important because it not only provides practice toward improving English language skills, but also training in academic writing that will be helpful for studying in Australia. So, What you need to do now is: Make sure that all requirements for application have been fulfilled,

Fill out the application form and prepare the documents required, then submit and wait for notification that administrative requirements have been fulfilled for selection Then after preparing for and participating in the interview and IELTS test simply wait for the results

And if you have been informed that you will receive an Australia Awards postgraduate scholarship, you will participate in the Pre-departure Training Best wishes for a successful application!

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