How Did Celibate Ramakrishna Behave When His Wife Sharada Mani Arrived

2021-04-08 07:00:17 00:10:16 The story becomes more colorful remember when  i told when i did this earlier session i said   because this ram question was so established and  one day he was smacked rani rasmani the owner of   the temple saying hey you must can’t think  of your cold case in the in the temple think  

Of mother goddess smack and though he’s gone  completely nuts and we must he’s not saying   anymore he’s become insane and the reason why  is insane is because it’s celibate celibate   so they took him to the house of ill repute  remember i did the story and this ramakrishna  

In this you know can establish in good realization  was taken to this courtesan called lakshmi by the   moment he faced lunching by he sends together  oh mother you are here too and bow down   so this lakshmi bai who is a prostitute came  running down to babu and this bandage and say  

Look what are trying to do trying to ruin us now  they’re prostitutes they’re telling are you trying   to ruin us you’re sending us a holy man and trying  to tempt him this is terrible don’t do that to us  

She’s there telling her that being a prostitute  not a problem this is a business but this thing   is not right so this thing didn’t work but didn’t  stop there let me tell the story gives a different   color in the same manner when ramakrishna  at a very young age have gone to his village  

He spends the old god he’s losing his mind you  know mind all this time mother goddess mother   only way to make him sober again is to  get him married so at a very young age   he was buried off and somehow he didn’t didn’t  mind he just got married and came back today  

And then now at the age of 18 the wife  comes to the temple to see her husband   her name is sharadamani she comes to  the temple ramakrishna welcomes her   now you might wonder what is happening  why this highly celibate a sannyasi  

Going to interact with a wife a wife entering  the stage now what is going to be the link here   didn’t i tell you ram krishna comes with  tremendous amount of reconciliation reconciliation   between bhakti and agnan reconciliation between  dwight and advaith reconciliation between grastha  

And sannyas householder and a renunciate  that reconciliation is visible in his life   and this is how it unfolds let me very very  clearly tidy up this thing ram krishna had no   physical relationship with his wife ever ever  well documented so there is no no mischief here  

And yet the wife comes and she asks a  very blunt question of this ramakrishna   he said how do you see me and he replies look at  the reply he says the same mother that i worship   in the temple the same mother is sitting  in front of me and massaging my feet

The now was taken aback what language what words  this aram krishna throughout his life always   called his wife addressed his wife never  is too in gujarati bengali which means   singular but is dao tame now you see if the rest  of us householders here wish to experiment on this  

It’s very risky especially when you get visitors  if you start addressing your wife as tamir you’ll have fireworks afterwards and i’m  digressing let me go back he always gave   her that highest respect the dignity and  yet there was no physical relationship  

The wife lived in a separate room which is just  across the across the the courtyard i was in   the room it’s literally four feet by six feet  room hardly room to move she just stayed there  

Cooked food for him served him and looked after  him for his rest of his life throughout his life   this is the role you see what is happening is  this this is something unique that is visible  

In the story of ramakrishna he says do not treat  marriage as a license for lust after the birth   of one or two children treat your wife not as an  object of enjoyment but as a spiritual companion  

Raise a level do not see her as an object  give her the dignity seer is a spiritual   companion but again you see he’s so gentle he  says after the birth of one or two children now  

Your view of your life must change dramatically  look let me tell you why it is so necessary and   important you see the greatest thing that ties  us down as this physical being as a material   being is this physical attraction that we have  for other gender unless we can rise about this  

Physical attraction there is no chance we are not  spoiled sports there is no chance you can really   experience yourself as a spirit so it is necessary  to rise above this strong physical attraction and  

The way that you do it is this rather than look  at the other person as a body if you look at the   other person as an individual breathing through  that body individual when you see a person not  

As a material manifestation but as a spirit lust  or attraction for the body will disappear forever   you see the marvelous message  visible in the story of ramakrishna   in modern times it is telling a modern householder  house is fine a householder’s life is fine  

But raise your eye level now no longer view  your wife as an object of enjoyment see her as   a spiritual companion equal to you when you give  her that dignity see how your life is transformed   you bring spirituality in your routine life  so now it is not that either you are a grassy  

Or you are a sannyasi you can be a cross and yet  leave your life for renunciation raise your level   this was not visible with any other teacher in  the past is visible in the story of ramakrishna   he’s giving a prescription for the householder  rise you raise yourself up this is a unique  

Feature of this ramakrishna and the story of  this mother this sharda money in a way reflects   this unique feature you treat your companion not  as just objects physical but it’s an individual   a spiritual being who is going to stand by you for  spiritual progress lift your vision this is the  

Story of shah dahmani the story goes on now this  ramakrishna is ready you see he’s oh he’s mastered   everything all the tools are ready now he wants  to give out his spiritual message if you like his   spiritual inheritance to the rest of humanity he  needs carriers he needs ambassadors of his message  

He would climb up to the terrace in the  kolkata temple and look at kolkata and with   the heart kind of as if a wet towel is being  kind of squeezed his heart will be squeezed  

Like that he’ll scream and say oh my dear children  where are you where are you my children come here   i’m fed up of listening to this worldly talk  come here i want to talk about the highest things  

Where are you my children you see the cry goes  out and now the various children of ramakrishna   begin to arrive let me just touch on one other  aspect sharda mani’s mother was bit annoyed that  

How dare i marry my daughter off to this man who  is mad she will never have a happy married life   and no children and ramakrishna heard about it  so he sent the message through he shared the   money to his mother-in-law gentle fellow tell your  mother-in-law tell your mother he said that a day  

Will come when thousands and thousands of people  will scream mother at you until your ears ache   that many people will call you mother tell her  you will have more children that you ever wanted and then charlemagne calls in her in her words  he said this has come true to be true let me  

Say something else about shah dahmani you see  ramakrishna is a hard task master if you ask him   for this and that and other things he will not  give you that he will give you the highest not  

What you want because you normally want the lowest  what do we want normally we want big house big car   lottery a beautiful husband a handsome monster  husband sorry and a beautiful wife this is what  

We cry for he won’t give you that he’s a he’s a  hard task master last person you asked for this   thing is ramakrishna but he said there’s a soft  owner to ram question that’s this sharda money  

If you appease shardam and say please tell  him he doesn’t listen to me then you can get   your way i’m telling you the secret the reason  why it is so is let me tell you a real example   after ramakrishna passed away his disciples  were actually at nothing no place to stay  

No no shelter no food no money they are  wandering around in the streets of kolkata   feeling dizzy without you know kind of water  or food and falling about fainting they’re   all toppling all over the place and shah are  they only looking this is terrible it’s a wrong  

Question of children they don’t have a shelter  no no place for sustenance this is terrible   and she said oh ramakrishna you can’t do  this to your children give them a shelter   give them shelter and in no time the whole thing  belurumata ram question mission came into being  

So all the discipline questions we  know where to go leave ramakrishna just touching on some interesting  aspect of the story of rishard money you

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  1. According to a reminiscence of the Reveared Swami Saradananda regarding his Master's own utterance on his Wife's Character: "if She( Smt. Sarada Devi) attacks me for want of sexual pleasure, no idea how could I be able to control myself!" But that didn't happen, because Sri Ma Sarada Devi too was as purest as her Godly Husband…

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