How to Apply for King Saud University Scholarship 2023 for International Students (Fully Funded)

2023-08-16 03:38:21 00:17:22 Assalam Valekum Dear Student Dear Student in my channel today’s video topic is how to apply for King Saudi University Scholarship 2023 as you know this is fully funded scholarship you will be able to apply what is in it and its What is the meaning of Baju, for all

The scholarships that are available in Saudi Arabia, IELTS etc. is not required, ok, then I am going to share the complete method with you and recently I shared a video with you, in which I shared the details with you.

Sher kiya tha I tell you that this video King Saudi University full scholarship jo hai apni friend it’s policy jo hai its announcement ke humare se aapki saree information Sher ki thi Audi oil bhi sher ki what retirement eligibility criteria According to I have

Shared one thing in this video it is okay with you 4 weeks ago I had shared the announcement date with you but many students were very confused and said that this university means scholarship. Now this band is not giving, so I had also said that it is a band, but I

Had shared the announcement date with you that on which date it is going to open, I will show you as you know I told you. Tha that on August 15, 2023, this portal will be activated

And you will be able to apply for it, here you can see the admission process on the external scholarship portal, on the external scholarship portal, the academy has done it, right, that is 2023. This air ka jo hai ye academic

Air in this year the students who want to apply in King Saudi King Saudi University is right then they can apply from now and its deadline is 15 September

20 23 So this is the thing that I had shared with you earlier that this date will be announced and this date will happen and it will happen, that is, almost the one mother who is with you, whatever is with you, you will

Complete your retirement. And after that you have to apply, but in today’s video ten students who are with you, I am going to share that method directly and which courses are available to share information with you directly and in courses Yes, if you want to know the details, then you have to

Watch this video, well in the last, I have shared the details, you can check it out. You can also read yourself, which scholarship came, ok, so I told you that the last date

Is in Wales, I am going to tell you in the last, what is this benefit, you can see here that you will get 1000 real, full details are available here. Hai ok aa what will be the criteria of application, that

Is also present here, you can see here, how much is required, that too here, I have shared in the previous video also, you can see that also and what are the required documents that you need. They will also be present here,

Ok, what courses are there, I go to you directly, because in the previous video, I did not give you the information about the courses, so in today’s video, you have the courses. I will also give information from the one, you will click on it as above, it is okay

As you will click directly, which is yours, a form will open, this is the meaning of the courses, I have made a pf file for you, which ones are there in this university. It is available ok you can see this is almost n bachelor’s master’s and hd

Try all are available ok you see the course according to you then after that you have to apply ok it’s 20 page you yourself You have to check it out, it is okay, it means that there are more than 300 courses, you have to see in it that

In which course you want to apply, then you have to see here, okay see all the things with date means available This means that the courses added on date are also available here, ok, you will get all these things here and the students who come often ask that we

Can apply in the medical field. No, I tell you in this you can apply in the field of medical also, all the fields are available here, you will check it, just ok, this whole detail is saved on 20 pages, you will select yours and apply for economics. You can apply here,

You can also apply for education, okay, so engineering students who are looking for me, you can also apply for engineering means every single course is available here, you just Will see and after that you have to apply ok then you must have understood about this and I have

Shown you this complete information head with it you can see here yourself ok now let’s go down Referring to the last date, here I have told that the last date is 15th September 2023, now what you will do is first of all, you have to click on the above apply link, okay,

Many students who It shows that when you click for the first time, then you go to the second page, then you cancel it, which means that if it goes two-three times, then after clicking on it, you

Click on the apply link again directly. So this type of portal will open in front of you, ok, after opening, what you have to do is that you are seeing your new registration, here you have to click,

After clicking on the new registration, this is some form. You have to file here pay new user data ok here you can see do you have a valid residing identity in the kingdom of saudi arabia so obviously you are an international student so you have this identity which is valid in

Saudi arabia If you do not have residence, then you have to click on the noki from here, ok, after that add the ID number which is your passport number or the ID number of your country, you have to

Add it here, ok from here You have to select gender male or female and also tell whether you are male or female, both of you can apply for this, it is okay and many students have the same question that whether they are female or not, they should bring mehraam. Ok so this opportunity

Is given for female so we can take that love with us in Arab then we can’t go then ok then after that you are seeing this code you have to enter it here This is the username which is

For automatic which number you have given here automatically pick it up after that you have to write the password now I tell you the password you have to write in the numbers ok you have any numbers let me suggest I come

Here I want to write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ok you write any number you don’t even give this number it is ok I am explaining to you on the basis of example that you have to miss the number only ok you have given it here

Then you have to confirm the same password here, then you have to give your Gmail email automatically, then you have to give the same email here, ok, after that you have to give your country here, which is I am here

. I want to write you India, whatever you want to write, it’s okay, let’s suggest that you will write directly here, if you write 92 automatically, then look at the code of Pakistan, which is your own country’s code , it will come here. It is given here that the example

Is something like this, you have to give the number, okay, you have to give the number exactly like this, ok, after this, then the same number, you have to confirm here, ok, here is the full detail You must have understood that then sorry,

You have to give this number which is here, it is okay, similarly, you have to give the number which is given here, ok, now you have to click on Continue Restriction Key, Continue Registration Key If you click on it

, you will also receive a message, which number you have given, you will be given the user name you have there, and along with that you will get the user name and password, which means

All will be sent to you in the email. This is the password of yours, okay, as you continue, a page will appear, so I would suggest you to go back to the bag, refresh the page again and click on login,

Okay, now I’m here hai meaning example ke tor pe jo hai yahan pe jo hai main aapko liye aa just main dummy data yahan pe enter kiya hai to dummy data ki tor main aap ko to understand kiya hai ok log

Inki aapne aapne klik hai klik over login If you do, then your account will be logged in, now whatever you have here, whatever details you have, you have to give here that your time is written here,

After this time passes, which will be refreshed on this page. So at the same time keeping an eye on Madina you will have to fail things quickly now see here full detail first name in orbit There you have done it from English to Arabic, it is very simple to write the name, there

Will be an automatic translator in orbit, father’s name in Arabic, it is okay, you have to write the full name of your father and Rosie here is the first name. You have written your ok third name if it is yours which is also called middle name

So write here other vice is not necessary first is ok here father name in English third ne ok this third name you write here if it is yours then here you have to write your last name remember here at last

And here at The last time you have in Arabic is ok like my name is Iqbal in new then my last name will come here once ok then you must have understood that now after this what is caste above nationality

Whatever country you are Here I am looking for any student who is looking for me here this is for international students all countries are there you can apply here ok so I am here I have written what I am here in Pakistan here I will find that if I sit in Pakistan,

It is mixed, then I will have to find my Pakistan here . You have to select the country from here, it is okay, do not even select the country, like Pakistan’s code is plus 92, then India’s code is its own code, according to you, you have to write the code, okay, I

Give you the data head. You also have to give your real data in this way, here you are single, it is okay, you are single, you are married, you have mentioned here, now you have a problem with speaker and listing,

You have any problem, etc., if yes, then yes, do not So no ok aapne se se cheez hoga karna hona pe description english ek ok hai yes no ok hai yes yeh pe aapne aapne aapne aapne likna lena pe aapne aapne aapne aapne aapne

Date of birth se aapna aapna and a country with that which is your country She has given birth, then her country, in which city, in which city did you talk? It is good to write down the employment

You have, when you are in the plot here, if you are in any government sector, etc., then write it here . You will have another vice if you are a student, then you have to click on Anam, it is okay

And after that the name of the emergency the day after tomorrow means in the emergency you are like this, that is, give the name of the person who is new, that if there is an emergency, then it will be night. Till it is possible, give their mobile number and

Give their email as well, then after that the high school certificate information you have to give here, countries school graduation air general type, which type is it, scientific or Then the letter given is ok or

It is other government whatever it is yours you have to write it here Final Great which is your great Bunty it is right to write it on your own right at the limit of D high school great this li dene 100 it

Should be calculated percentage now see if you are studying in school then it is okay then if there is no GPS system there then you have to write your percentage here, then you have already mentioned all the things here,

Now here is the method of percentage. It has also been told that how you have to do it, you also know that let’s suppose that here you have obtained marks which are out of 15 and 20, then how you have to

Extract the percentage, 100 methods have been told. Now whatever you have here you have DTL which is your ID card passport etc whatever you have in Identity M you have to upload from here you have to upload your certificate from here your transcript which we DMC etc. It is said that the

Image of the birth certificate has to be uploaded from here, the good conduct certificate has to be uploaded from here and you have uploaded the personal information from here, okay now there is some information from here that you have had any previous experience with someone. Have you applied in university college if yes

Then write here college name or university name do you hall university degree do you have any university degree then you have to write it here and if it is ok then

After taking the complete details, you have to click on the data, now it is interesting that if I did not add the details, then there will be no further continuation, then you will submit the complete details like this, but

Now You will be confused that we have understood till now, if you understand further, then I am ready to tell you that you have done this website, you will find the link of this article in the description. There is detail in this, you

Can also see detail from this article, but if you do not understand, then you can see it and apart from this, I have made this video long ago, the method of applying with complete detail is fine, then complete detail in this Sir

, I have explained everything, then you have to watch this video in the last because if you really If you want to apply, then you will be watching this video in your benefit, now if you

Want to find this video on the top of the channel, then how will you get it, I will tell you the way, you will go to the top of my channel, you

Will be completely interested like this Like you will get to see the format home video etc ok yahan pe jo hai side pe about se is side pe yahan pe search option hai ok aapne yahan pe likhna hai king soul aur kuch pina

Hai lekin south likh lene ok hai king aapne likh I have taken an enter or search it is ok now after searching which is directly which is the video of king south, it will go to sari ki sari aye jayenge ok the

First video is this one which I am making for you to watch And along with that, you will see this video, you will definitely see it, in this I have told you the complete details, how to apply, the full

Details are present in this video, okay, this is very long ago, so I do not want to give you the time that you Leave too long and explain the process to you, then you will see this video in the last, inshallah you will

Get a lot of benefits and you will be able to apply soon, even if there is any masala pace, then you can contact me, comment on social media platform. I can ask, but there are many students

Who do not know how to reply to your comments, so students, I can tell you that many students comment, it is good that you are asking for information . But it happens that it becomes very difficult to reply to every student one by one, okay, so

I am doing something like this, maybe in the future, I will make a group etc. for you, or Telegram or WhatsApp, which will continue Aap jo hai me mujhe raafta karenge ok inshallah very soon I

Will start this service ok so inshallah jo hai wahan pe we will do rafta karenge but aap jo hai follow me on instagram from there you can message me tomorrow I have a Facebook page here, you can follow it, from there you can follow me till night and I have

Given Twitter account here, you want to follow me on Twitter, whatever is easy for you, from G side You can do with me in this way that I will have information I will share with you ok even if I don’t have any information then I

Will share information lodge with you after research which means by searching things ok If yes, see you in the next video, till then take care of yourself and your channel, and yes, like the last one, share the video even more

And if you don’t subscribe, see you in the next video, till then take care of yourself, thank you

Welcome to our channel! In this comprehensive video guide, we’re diving deep into the process of applying for the highly coveted King Saud University Scholarship 2023. If you’re an international student seeking a fully funded opportunity to pursue your higher education dreams, you’re in the right place.

🎓 Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming, but fear not! Our step-by-step tutorial will walk you through every stage of the application process. From eligibility requirements to essential documents and tips for crafting a standout application, we’ve got you covered.

🌍 King Saud University, a prestigious institution in Saudi Arabia, is offering fully funded scholarships to international students across diverse fields of study. Imagine the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, receive a world-class education, and forge lifelong connections.

📋 Our video covers:
– Eligibility criteria: Are you eligible to apply? We’ll break down the key requirements.
– Application form walkthrough: A detailed guide to filling out the application form correctly.
– Supporting documents: What you need and how to gather and submit them effectively.
– Personal statement pointers: Crafting a compelling personal statement that showcases your unique qualities.
– Letters of recommendation: How to secure strong recommendations that enhance your application.
– Deadlines and Timeline: Staying on top of important dates for a successful application journey.

🚀 Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the ranks of accomplished scholars at King Saud University. Our expert insights and practical advice will empower you to navigate the application process with confidence.
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