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2023-08-20 03:34:49 02:33:43 [Music] as the live stream started off character um I’m not sure if that live stream started oh yeah oops I’m blind all right say hello everybody um before we even get started I’d like to thank um the people that are following

On I guess PlayStation um I don’t know much about it or how or why people follow on that but thank you because we seem to be getting um quite a few people following um I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do there just in terms of satisfying that crowd okay so just

Bear with me just doing the usual stuff again so I’ve got to do this background work first get the pole going all that kind of stuff there’s Mitch uh how are you so just bear with me while I start the whole um

The latest trends I’m not actually expecting you to hang around today Mitch because I know you said before that you’re hanging out with friends they’re going to be more entertaining than me that’s for sure um I always finished with the pole [Music] um

And then ask the community canes there as well now Kane did you hear what I said to you in the last stream because I didn’t get a response from you last week about uh trying a new spaghetti dish Californians uh having our first tropical storm oh that’s no good I hope uh everything’s

Okay geez California seems to suffer from quite a lot of natural disasters the fires and the hurricanes now um I’m still out with friends I was just checking in on the stream yeah so don’t don’t let me distract you there Mitch um I am curious to know if the people

That are going to sort of contribute to the live chat today um just about the some of the trends that you might be aware of that are going on at the moment that uh old uncle pudot being Old Uncle Peter wouldn’t have a clue as to what’s going on now um sorry

I’ve just got a little bit more background work that I have to do as per usual so just bear with me for that I’ll try and get all of that done as soon as possible okay that’s that one

All right so I’ll be right back um uh I’ve got to go have a good stream I may catch the end of it yeah no worries Mitch you have a good time out with the friends it might be

A pretty short stream today to be honest with a fair bit of stuff that I’ve got to try and catch up with on YouTube and Kane have you ever tried spaghetti asina they’ve Stardust and Friends slash Randy how are you just give me one moment I’ll be right back thank you

Say ah spidey’s there as well okay um let’s get this started okay athletic uh I’m short so let’s go short relax Customs configuration is playing this game at the moment should be all over this um oh

Okay so you’ve got why are they saying Batman if it’s bat Woman and Superman if it’s Superwoman yeah and it’s Catwoman my goodness you know what let’s go Lex Luthor just for the heck of it this way um okay sorry um next is options and download successful uh

Oh okay ah sorry just pray with me I almost done yeah this is a little bit harder when it’s just me trying to do all of this stuff um what okay maybe I’m not allowed to have a space fan you think foreign Oh Penguins there as well my goodness we got some of the day OG showing up today uh okay so just bear with me hopefully that oh actually um I forgot about the game sounds as well so I’m guessing conjunctions you know it’s fast some game sounds happening sorry about

That if I’m talking over the top of it all right we’ll give you a chance to catch up with the uh chat yeah fighting um Stardust is there good to see you Steve hey Uncle Peter I will say penguin onion stinks off on a class again today so the last few streams

She probably won’t get back in time to say hello before the stream ends but we’ll see how it goes um okay how are you hello penguin did you know because the habitat for the penguin they are very friendly they are okay Southern California’s games

I tell you what uh California does seem like a dangerous place to live at times so how are all of those there’s been a long time no speak and maybe this while you’re doing that oh thank goodness uh yeah okay so just bear with me red I have to eat too much [Music] okay first we’re working on it there should be a way to skip I think [Applause] here we go flex Luther if you want to live come with me and be quiet we don’t want to alert brainiacs centuries introductions Lacks

My associate calculator will help us navigate our way through the ship you can trust him as much as you can trust anyone thanks and then talk to Lex when you can move on all right doesn’t help

Surely it’s got to be in the options one night always in the options one please tell me my car can turn this down um oh okay I can see settings yes yes um wait what no okay just be with me foreign Okay here we go [Music] my goodness I don’t see if I’m struggling to even do the the settings at the moment that’s crazy all right try again settings [Music] um oh sorry about this just bear with me the name white keeps doing that um options settings

Audio um how do I turn that okay oh yes morning oh okay um okay Music Volume right down voice volume can go a little bit higher move your volume right down um except select um does that that’s all I gotta do um

[Music] okay I believe that’s is that better now just let me know if if uh that’s good or not okay and let me catch up again there because of the habitats I read that one already

Can you okay so let me know if that has turned down um California Sounds like an area in a video game stuff always happens over there that is so true um okay uh what area of California

Is the tropical storms I don’t know if Kane’s still there he sort of settle low and disappeared all right so first things first um as you saw on the uh video title there I’m kind of curious to know what kind of Trends are out there so we’ve talked briefly in previous

Streams about um that latest or one of the latest Tick Tock Trends with the NPC characters and I was quite surprised to find that um oh what happened there I was quite surprised to find that some of the mainstream YouTube channels that I watch that really don’t even

Talk about this sort of stuff as crept into their conversation as well saying perhaps it’s a bit bigger than what I thought I was kind of hoping that that Trend would die very quickly but it actually hasn’t so I’m curious to know what other kinds of Trends are out

There and that also brings me to um read who left a comment on our most recent shorts upload um first of all I guess I want to ask um did you get a notification for that because generally

I don’t think people do um melee attack is that and a ranged attack is that okay and do I have to read that other stuff clear debris from door is that the door that’s the door um oh hey how come I’m flying I’m not able

Okay I kind of want to get down yeah no keep going higher that doesn’t help hiring shooting it no oh dear I might end up uh getting a little bit sick playing this game too by the look of it um flying oh okay that’s a good start um

Got to do that one as well and be quiet okay um just bear with me say oh you did get a notification for that okay that’s interesting um yeah I’ve never gotten a notification for a short before so with that one um again if

I can ask the the dod a little bit of a favor there to check out that um short because I’ve sort of been saying that the last few streams that um YouTube’s changed a little bit and

I don’t really know why um I did get recommended a video last night from just some random channel that I’ve never heard of before I wasn’t searching for these particular types of topics but he he happened to mention the exact same thing um saying that uh he’s noticed that YouTube’s

Changed quite a bit as well um and I mean the impact on our live streams is really clear um and I’d sort of mentioned a few times that I know that they’re kind of wanting us to do a lot more shorts to compete with Tick Tock although it’s a bit surprising because

Kicks giving everyone a run for their money is well at the moment when it comes to live streams is said big boss I gotta take care of are you going to do something legs um I

Say I was sort of happy and a little bit disappointed we did that I did that um short and it had the most views in the shortest amount of time than anything we’ve had on our channel before

It hit a couple of thousand views within um the first half a day or something like that it was really quick but then it stopped like completely um which we’ve experienced before but I just wonder why they do that when it’s obviously pulling in the views and we picked

Up some subscribers from it as well with for whatever reason uh YouTube pretty much just stopped the the promotion of that at that point now that’s fine I don’t think that um oh I don’t think that um short was particularly good it was very quick to make and I was really

Just um testing it I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with this thing escape the [ __ ] eye hang on there’s an arrow there okay let’s just follow the area then um where was I say

Yeah it’s just a little bit of a test to try and prove a point to myself and it did did I get rid of that thing nope okay um yeah so it did seem to do what I wanted it to do and I’ve been working on a another

Short just yesterday which again has been pretty fast put together so what I’m hoping to do with suggestions from the live chat and I guess anyone that wants to comment on a replay of the stream as well um what sort of Trends are out there at the moment because

I’m not really aware of them I you know tend to watch what I want to watch and it’s probably not trend stuff so that’s the first thing the second one is yeah trying to uh at space

It’s a little bit of a spoiler alert when it comes to making both um videos and shorts in the near future because I know that this is something that we’re going to have to do

Is to try and give them a little bit of comedic value if possible um again with the one that was just released I thought it was kind of funny but not really and I guess based on a number of the dislikes that we’ve got as well uh perhaps people weren’t too much into

That so um I get it I I do understand that if you’re wanting to find an update with that that plain Fiasco for lack of a better word oh geez on people’s stuff up again okay just bear with me while I try and do this trend of giving to the homeless and filming

It okay so I’ve seen um these sorts of videos before um both from small channels and large ones and it’s a bit yeah I don’t really want to give an opinion on it because I’m I’m very

Much um 50 50 on it it’s you know you can’t deny that it’s a good thing to do you know yeah helping out other people that’s great um the question is you know filming it is that necessary but I guess you know what is the answer to that um

Yeah this is why I don’t want to say too much um overall it’s probably a good thing I suppose um there’s an old adage that and there’s plenty of examples of people throughout history famous people that do really philanthropic uh things do I need to get more health I don’t mind

But maybe let’s just go let’s use my flying it’s not great just bear with me oh it’s not a health thing okay just be with me for a sec while I try and dispatch some of these enemies um what

Are your thoughts in the chat do you think it’s good to to film these things or not do it so I’ve seen there’s a couple of bigger channels that um I know that they help out the people that they interview but they don’t Tumblr size it that much you just sort of

If you look into it you know that they they pay the people that they interview which um I think is a good thing but they don’t mention that in the actual video itself so um yeah and well on that one red for comedic value I’m not so sure I can make something funny

Um out of that because I don’t think it’s funny um you know helping out the homeless is just a good thing to do there’s nothing humorous about it I suppose um and what other Trends can people think of particularly I guess on other platforms or even YouTube it

Doesn’t matter but it seems like Tick Tock comes up with a lot of new trends for for whatever reason I did notice um going back to the I guess drama stuff some channels these days you would think it would not be involved in drama are and it’s it’s quite unfortunate

To see that um I don’t know if anyone follows Linus Tech tips but you know I used to watch a bit of their content not because they’re a drama Channel and do tech reviews um but

That’s turned into a whole Fiasco at the moment and there seems to be a trend to jump on the bandwagon so as soon as um there’s any sort of news online I’ve noticed with a lot of the creators that I watch they’ll jump on that uh topic and they’ll all basically say

The same thing to get their their clicks and Views and move on to their the next topic straight away so they don’t go into it in great detail and then if it does pique your

Interest you have to go and do your own research and try and find out um a little bit more about what’s going on in in that regard so this is where I’m at at the moment where um I guess not really trying to follow the latest trends but find some that are interesting

That can be turned into something funny and then release it as a video or a short the other thing that I keep mentioning is yeah perhaps getting into a bit more uh commentary or even with the the live streams I’m kind of tempted to do um well not I suppose you

Have to call them reaction videos I I don’t know if there’s a distinction between um doing a straight up reaction video like say the infamous Sniper Wolf that we were talking about last week or going a little bit more in depth so to expand on what I’d mentioned

Last week um this uh I don’t really want to mention that the channel name just because he can say some pretty offensive stuff so I don’t really want to promote that aspect but I will admit that I do enjoy the the content because this this person is a bit older like

Is it from the same generation as myself and I’d been watching his live streams for a long time and [Music] he slowly crept from just doing like he would do a live stream and talk about whatever the topic it is that he wanted to talk about for that particular stream and

He’d have guests on and a co-host and that sort of thing but without me even really noticing it went from that to watching other people’s videos and reacting to them but he does it in a way that is much more in-depth than say someone liked um sniperwolf who really um

I founded a channel that I can do him in small bases where right now anyway he’s just creating content about uh sniper sorry I can’t even remember his name and he’s the one that has um a bingo card him and his audience have created bingo cards to show you how poor uh

Sniperwolf’s reactions are or low effort I should say and it’s quite funny because yeah he has basically proven that um there’s not a lot going on with um with her type of reactions it’s the same stuff over and over again but with the again from what I mentioned to um

Stardust or read about doing multiple streaming um it would be easier to do that than doing a gaming stream because it’s a little bit more engaging so to be and you know I checked out um a few streamers on Kik just as a as a auto audience participant

Sorry I just got train a little bit again I run out of ammo I don’t know if I run out about my okay um yeah so I thought it might be uh a nice idea in the future like again I’d still

Have to work out how to multi-stream that’s going to take a bit of effort um just to learn learn how to do all of this stuff but then you know you get suggestions from from the actual audience to say hey why don’t you react to um this video or that subject that sort

Of thing um and it is pretty easy content that’s the the other thing that I was thinking of doing purely because Stinky’s until her her timetable settles down a little bit she is going to have a little bit more time in I think two or three weeks but again that’s

Only during a semester break say once that study starts up again she’s not going to have have time so I’m sort of looking at things to do that are going to make my life a little bit easier rather than um playing the games all the time and trying to split between concentrating

On that talking to the live chat um yeah Old Uncle peanuts you know can only do one thing at a time I’m pretty pretty hopeless that way so again whatever the thoughts are but I have a feeling that um I’ve already started the stream too late people have gone to sleep

I’ve been trying to trying to get it started a little bit earlier lately but um yeah we were struggling to get the the games going today so I’m not too sure what’s going on with the the PlayStation and that um because I tried starting two or three games before

This one and none of them were really working at least this one’s a nice easy one it doesn’t seem too difficult running around doing this okay um look at this got the mouse in one hand the controller and the other one

Now according to the poll a lot of people follow the trends and at least someone uh one person or more has said that they are the trendsetter I think I used to be the trendsetter too at least claimed to be probably not Terry um okay foreign

I thought it was much later than that um well that’s good because I have been uh thinking while it’s just me so I was trying to get the the stream started before stinky even wake up but as I said is having trouble getting a game to work but yeah I was thinking of

Trying to do them a little bit earlier and um well what’s your thoughts there red do you think it’s a good idea or not a good idea to start doing um I wouldn’t I don’t know whether you can say there there is a difference between reaction and commentary or are they

Basically the same thing um because I think there’s a there is value in in um looking at some of the more uh popular videos that are out there and I’m I guess I’m sort of talking the more documentary style that can be talking about current events um or they’re

Talking about other creators or whatever and analyzing that like for me that’s quite interesting and it is popular I guess with people online because some of these channels are quite large that do do that um they probably have a lot more to offer than I do but it’s just something

That I thought might be worthwhile trying because at this stage um for all of the other creators out there and I know a lot of dlg are also oh that’s weird um uh also you know have their own channels that you’ve got really you’ve

Got nothing to lose to to just try different things and it seems pretty uh clear to me that at this stage we have nothing to lose at all so trying different things can only be more beneficial than not perfect timing started oh okay well that’s kind of the usual

Time that we would start as 10 or 11 hour time anyway um but I know it’s not so good during daylight savings which we don’t have at the moment so yeah when it’s daylight savings it tends to be a fair bit later for you

All right can we go up in person too maybe I should have done that get in the action take that Brainiac it’s really a few of these persons on my side weird song I can hear in the background there with me for a moment

That almost sounds like these two songs going on at the same time there is two songs going on at the same time what the heck all right I just start that again uh sorry for that if that was distracting to people it was distracting to me for sure

Um and then Mitch who is on earlier is suggesting a couple of horror games to play as well when you’re going to save those for for Halloween which is coming up I guess come on all right that’s not what I wanted to do the controller quite a bit while I’m doing that

Um yes I guess I didn’t really have too much today to be honest um I was a pretty ordinary night’s sleep so it was a bit of a struggle to get the stream started today and I was

Kind of hoping that um we’d get a lot of the the dod in here chatting away but they’re all pretty quiet today and I know I keep saying I shouldn’t rely on you guys but it does mean I need to do more uh preparation beforehand and I did no preparation for today’s stream

It was all pretty rushed uh Homa is finished with this melee here I’m trying to get this done as quickly as possible actually that’s what I’m saying is red brought that up before about that the homer so I tend

To get quite a few recommended videos that uh discussing mode the homeless in America there are certain areas where it’s it’s quite shocking to me that place like the US can have such a large encampments of people that are struggling and it seems to be happening

Well not all over the place but um there’s there’s a few channels um I got to think of that German guy that I came across something about a beach in Venice can’t remember the name of this channel either but he often does these Expo not exposed video but sort of shows

What’s going on in California around Venice Beach and how bad the encampments are there but then I also had I have no idea where Kensington is but from what I’ve seen that’s really bad in that area and I’m just curious as to what the the government is trying to do to alleviate

That so by comparison I guess in Australia we’re quite lucky in that our social welfare system is very strong so anyone that wants help can seek it out and they will get some assistance that doesn’t mean that you know their lives are going to completely change

And be perfect they’ve got to help themselves as well to a degree but it’s not like other countries say for example um some of the the Asian countries that I’m in I’m exposed to you know where I’ve got family members and so on they’re they’re social welfare system

Is improving but it’s a very long-held tradition that your family takes care of you I mean that’s just the way it is um let’s say the the difference one example would be a lot of my friends now have parents that are at the age where they’re being put into retirement

Villages or old folks homes they’re also called um you know and it’s it’s pretty much the standard here in Australia that you get to a certain age and then your family puts you in a home well when it comes to a lot of the Asian countries it’s not so much frowned upon

These days but certainly in the past it was that you shouldn’t do that you should be having your family members in your home and taking care of your grandparents and great-grandparents and you know they basically pass away in in their own home rather than in a hospital or

A time in Village somewhere so there is a bit of a difference um and I mean I had a a great grandmother that lived on her own she didn’t even live with anyone and lived until she was in her 90s I’m pretty sure I don’t think she quite made the hundred

But she was old she was definitely in her 90s and eventually passed away of old age in her own home and that just seems to be the way so um oh so that’s why spiders make so quiet I was wondering why the chats we haven’t seen penguin for a long time he was

Being really quiet Spidey is being really quiet um I went to a food truck with the dogs today nice yeah I was jealous I saw one of your videos read of getting Mexican at a food truck I wish we had um generally they’re only at events or you might see one occasionally

Parked in the the city somewhere or just a random place but you know you’re not gonna know that that’s where they’re always parked so we generally have to wait for some sort of event to go on all right and here’s another thing I’ll say about food trucks that I’ve

Noticed um if you’re going to order from them that’s here at least we’ve noticed that the food gets ridiculously salty um later in the day and we kind of concluded it was because uh they’re cooking all day and they don’t get a chance to clean their their grill or

Whatever it is they’re cooking on so you eventually get an accumulation of salt to the point um we went to a festival um a little over a month ago yeah and but it was at night so they’d

Been doing their cooking all day we went at night and it didn’t matter where we ordered from the food was so salty like it looked and smelled nice and I think it would have tasted really good without the excess salt but it was ridiculous how much sodium was

In everything that we tried to order it really didn’t matter what the cuisine was so I’m wondering red is that the case with food trucks um we developed to attend cities so many encampments right on the highway so you’ve got the issue there is where you live is well read and I’d

Seem to remember where you live I went I won’t mention that in the Stream but um yeah so it’s what do they do to to try and sort that out um because again in Australia I’m not saying it’s effective at all because we certainly have um homeless people and we have issues

With how they they get treated at times so um we had the the mayor of one city for example tried to do the whole Banning Banning them from the city which is kind of ridiculous because where are they going to go if you’re not going to give them somewhere to to stay

Than just making it illegal for them to hang out isn’t a particularly good thing I wouldn’t have thought and it’s not really helping this situation and we do have I’m not saying that this is great either um but there’s a there are people that privately will try and help

Um I can’t say at homeless because they they need to be able to afford the rent of the the rooms that are being offered but for example there’s a fairly famous and dare I say notorious hotel in one of our cities in Australia that was owned by a rather wealthy man who basically

Donated this hotel to help out people that were less well-off and his two daughters who happen to be twins ended up taking over the hotel and and making sure that his wishes were kept so they still run that hotel today and make it available to people that might

Not be able to afford a normal rental situation so you do have a situation like that but that’s it seems unfair to rely on private citizens to try and help out those that are in need in that regard so you know it’s it’s concerning and then I see lots of Innovations like there’s

Um I really wish I’d often I don’t subscribe to these channels and I should because I can never remember the names of them but I’ve seen a guy that online that’s uh he’s an engineer I think but he he has a sort of passion for creating livable spaces that are very small

So it’s not like the the tiny house movement you’ll actually construct things that are highly mobile and you know kind of designed for the the homeless people anyway and it’s quite Innovative I don’t know that um well I actually don’t know how you would implement

His his concept because he would need land for that you’d need to put his things on land somewhere and have people be willing to move to that area I’ve also seen stuff where you’ve got people that have a carpentry background that can put together a really basic box with

Some small amenities and you know maybe a little bit of an electrical hookup solar panel thing and it’s really unfortunate like there is one guy that I saw that he was basically building stuff for the homeless but then he would get into trouble with your local government

We call that a council here I don’t know what you call it in the U.S but you know they make it illegal for him to provide those homes because they don’t want those homes just put anywhere but then what’s what’s the alternative to that is from what I’ve seen you just have

People put up tents or they put up temporary tarp homes with plywood anyway so isn’t it basically the same thing but less safe because at least this guy you know he’s puts a door on there that’s got a lock and you know you’ve got your own little space that you can hang

Out in that’s at least safer than than sleeping on the street side um yeah I think there needs to be a bit of a change in the the attitude and then this actually brings me on to the the next thing and kind of ties into what I’d started this stream with uh conversing

About and that’s um so let’s say I was to do this uh video on sniperwolf and say look this is a really content and YouTube shouldn’t be promoting a channel because she’s basically steals stuff from other content creators and barely does any reactions but that’s a very

Negative video to make so then to complement that at the end of that video think well why not do something positive and and try and promote a small YouTube channel that is actually doing some sort of good in the world that has some sort of skill or talent that isn’t

Being recognized because again I’d have to say from what I’ve seen the only Talent Sniper Wolf has is that she’s physically attractive that’s about it and you know fighting you can be rewarded for that that’s part of you know I’ve said before sex cells that’s just

Normal in society so I don’t have a problem with that per se but by the same token should it be celebrated when um you have other people and this is the the next one that ties into

Is the guy homeless I don’t know he’s he’s like a nomad and I remember his channel name it’s um one two three Home Free I believe it’s called and this guy is you know he’s got I think about 30 000 subscribers it’s probably a lot bigger now because I um came

Across his channel from a much bigger one called Business Insider that that did a um short documentary on this guy and um I gotta be careful promoting him because he’s obviously had some issues in the past that they like he touched on but they didn’t really explain

What say you know I don’t want to say oh this guy’s a really good guy if he’s done something in his past I haven’t researched anything but what I can say is he seems to um just

Try and live his life in a really simple way that doesn’t affect society in a bad way and um he literally just he built this little home on wheels for himself and he gets it towed her out he’s got a donkey now but he used to have it towed around by his sheep

So he has three or four sheep that he makes cheese and gets milk from and he sees these sheep so he can make his own clothes and he just basically wanders around now in the documentary that was made on him they did mention that he had some problems in a

A different Precinct or different area that the council had really didn’t like him bringing his livestock into town so they were trying to to basically give him fines and things to get him to move on which he did do but then he’s moved to this next area where he’s

Made friends or contacts I suppose with some of the farmers there and he kind of gets paid or does bartering with them to do some work on their farm for them in exchange for products or maybe a little bit of money and I think that’s really admirable I think that’s something

That YouTube should promote I mean this guy is living a the dream for himself he’s doing exactly what he wants to do he’s got skills that um should be showcased like cheese making and clothes manufacturing these are good skills to have I suppose

And just living a nice simple little life so you know and the poor guy doesn’t and I’m not saying this is a brag or anything I think it’s just sad really that even though he has

Three times the amount of subscribers we do he has about a third of the views and I don’t think that’s right because we haven’t shown too much talent I’ve tried to like you know every time we do a short or a video as awesome um was talking to me in a previous stream

That we do put effort into the editing that we do it ain’t just sort of slap it up there and and not put any effort um and you know tried to release some songs mainly on the the membership only uh only one song publicly the trade-off there for for me unfortunately

Is I’d still have to weigh up the amount of effort that we’re putting in in terms of that we get and say creating new music has taken a back seat and even getting the the music off the old multi-tracker is taking a back seat just because of the pure amount of work

That goes into it and there’s no real reward off of YouTube it’s not like those videos make us more than you know cents in the dollar so you know you do have to and I guess this

Is a piece of advice for all small YouTubers if you’re doing it just for a hobby and don’t really care about how much it’s costing you then then just ignore what I’m about to say

But we did want to treat this as a business and if I’m only getting paid half a cent per hour then it’s really not worth you know putting in that the effort to just get paid a half

Percent per hour so there is a trade-off there um doing the the shorts videos are much easier but it does take a lot of work and doing the normal videos maybe that’s just that ego thing

Or being a bit arrogant that I want to show that we’re putting in the effort ergo it takes a long time to to do these things as well um so yeah the next one for example I have this idea I can do a spoiler alert now if

Anyone’s interested or you can just wait for the thing to be released but um I’m trying to tie in both uh the next two or three shorts videos with one normal one um so it’s basically just the normal one cut up and then re-edited to look like a short and hopefully it’ll be

Funny um and I have three or four I guess ideas that are like that but then after that I’m done which is why I was asking it to start about Trends um to see if there’s anything

That I can sort of combine to make it funny say again for example red you’ve already seen that short um I’d mentioned in the previous stream about the the plain freak out lady and you know a lot of people seem to be aware of that and then in the Stream before that

I mentioned about the NPC characters on Tick Tock and people seem to know about that so in my mind I thought well there’s a connection there you’ve got this this uh lady talking about characters or someone not being real on the plane and then combining that with

The NPC which the first time I saw that um I did have to do a double take I didn’t understand what was going on at all like whether my first instinct was oh this is AI generated this

Is how far things have come already and when I looked at the comments there were quite a few people that were saying this isn’t real this is AI generated so on so forth so I wasn’t

The only one that was thinking that um you know and whether that was funny or not I guess if I look at the likes and dislikes um you know there was maybe twice as many likes to dislikes which is not a great ratio so perhaps people got annoyed if they were hoping to

Find out who the the real mystery person was rather than having a joke at the end so um but that’s what I was talking about sort of making connections like that oh and I know

That I I’m a bit of a broken record when it comes to talking about the AI stuff but I watched a movie recently called Megan and I thought it was quite good the it had the

Potential to be a really good movie if they had um I’m not saying the acting was bad at all I thought the acting was quite good but they were all pretty much no names I’d only

Recognize um I think two actors and that they’re not not uh Famous by any means I’ve just seen them in TV shows that were playing small roles in those TV shows it’s like oh okay I recognize

This lady from that show and this guide from that show but no one sort of really did but the the concept behind this um movie while it’s not real uh unique and and sort of new by any standards it covered a lot of things that are that are actually happening in the

World today and I thought that was great and it ties into a lot of stuff that red has raised in previous streams before as well um so you know when you were talking about the the getting

Attached to to AI or chat Bots that sort of thing and I told you about replica which was doing exactly that well this movie kind of expanded on that and um the the scary thing that I think a lot of people don’t realize is if you do watch that that movie free on

Foxtel at the moment if you have foxtel um most of the concepts that it talks about have already happened it’s already in existence so this is no longer the science fiction like it used to be in the old days it’s it’s something that actually happens same um it’s called

Me I’ll type it for you um so that one um and I think it’s open to have a uh a sequel stinky said that she did some research at the end and said at the end of the movie it’s possible that there could be

A sequel to it so um yeah like generally I I don’t sit through me these these days I tend not to have the attention span for it but I thought this one was pretty good um mainly because of that the the topics it was discussing and and the reality of uh you already

See people if you bother to search on on YouTube you can find people that have seriously fallen in love and believe that they have a relationship with things that aren’t even real like it’s not real and if you’re looking at something like replica you have to understand that these

Programs are designed to reaffirm the things that you already think and believe which is quite scary it’s not I don’t think it’s healthy for human beings to interact with with things that just basically confirm everything they believe I think it’s much more healthy to

Seek out opposing opinions you know you’ll have your set of beliefs for whatever it is um you know and we can we can talk about any topic here really um well like say say the uh Trends which you know is supposed to be the title of this live stream so I can have

The the view in the opinion that um this NPC trend is absolutely ridiculous it’s making people better stupider by watching this sort of thing and participating in it um it’s kind of sad to see these large chat really big influences online that are participating in

It as well purely for the money now that’s that’s where I can take the other side and say like we did in the last stream um you know what would you do for money you know are you prepared to do anything and uh you know if someone offered me I don’t know I’m

Not super greedy but I would like a generational changing wealth for that and as I sort of mentioned last week in Australia two two million dollars will basically buy you a house in a in a capital city so that’s not a lot of money five million’s not a lot but if someone

Offered me 50 million to go and be an MPC character yeah I’d probably do that because that’s life-changing money and you make a fool of yourself online for a year for 50 million why not and then I would just disappear offline at that point and invest you know

Put that money in managed funds and then that way you never have to worry again and you teach your children you know you can spend a little bit of this in there and see if you like but the rest of it stays in managed funds for your children and that’s how you keep

That generational wealth so that’s where I’d say AK that’s my point of view but then you seek out someone else that might turn around and say well you’re just being jealous uh you you don’t understand how this trend is really useful for society I’d like to hear

The argument for that um and I think it’s much more healthy to live your life like that to to try and find out things that you might not have thought before to give yourself a more well-rounded character um so yeah well red you’ve mentioned another one conspiracy

Theories uh are trending quite a lot and I’m all about those as well to a degree I’m not sort of a big fan of the I’m sorry if I’m ruffling a few feathers but the ridiculous ones like um well maybe it could be proven wrong I can understand how people could believe

In Flat Earth like I have seen some of the theories and it’s like okay well if you believe in that period kind of makes sense but uh personally I’m just going to believe in the science I have to look at the world around me and say if the vast majority of people

That are way more intelligent than me that are the full-blown scientists that are saying no the world is round or misshapen really then I would be more inclined to trust them just because I don’t know that yeah I also haven’t been to Antarctica and seen the Great

Wall so um you know there are reasons why people might believe in that sort of thing now if you’re talking about other sort of the let’s go to the the plane freak out uh

Seeing as that’s a bit of a thing at the moment there seems to be a few of them and there’s some strange stuff going on in the world at the moment I have started to see a lot more

UFO videos coming out now again this is not something that I um search out myself so it’s just being recommended to me randomly recommended um stop Flying stop Flying you know what I’m not going to bother picking it up I’ll just

Keep attacking um do you think the US went to the moon yeah so that’s a real interesting one and I’ve had a discussion about this with um with some older people as well like for example my dad because you know they were around watching the moon landing when it happened

And the one thing I I would question um is why haven’t we gone back like why there was a period of time when you gave the moon that’s it and then you just stop why that doesn’t

Make a lot of sense to me um but having said that I mean if you believe in the Mars probes and these sorts of things and I’ve had a look at the the footage on Mars it is real right

I can only go on what the the scientists are showing us you got the Mars rover is that a real thing are we really getting images um I would have to say yes just because there’s nothing to indicate otherwise but I did see the documentary on Stanley I mean Stanley

Kubrick if he’s the one that did the filming of the moon landing you are talking about an extremely talented director here you know and someone that’s world famous for his skills as a director could he have faked it um there there’s certainly some I shouldn’t say too

Much because I’m not a scientist and I don’t know I’m only going on what other people present oh random’s there uh that’s all right it doesn’t matter if you’re late uh please Joe I know you tend to just sit there and and be quiet but uh the the chat’s real quiet today it

Started off with a bang but uh everyone sort of left at the start I think because the the game sounds were too loud so they just kind of gave up and right now we’re talking about conspiracy theories so um I don’t know red that’s the I would like to to believe that

It would be crazy to try and pull off a stunt like that but by the same token you know if you you try and get a balanced opinion by looking at both sides of the argument there’s

Certainly an argument to be had that the the space War was a real thing you know between the Russians and the Americans who’s who gets to do what first you know Yuri gagari was the first uh person to fly in space say the Russians beat the Americans with that so then

The Americans wanted to be the first to land on the moon and maybe they they uh fight it I don’t know um I’m gonna have to I’m painting myself into a corner here I’ll have to say

Look guess it was real I don’t know why other than than uh I guess my my own father said stuff saying don’t be ridiculous of course it was real or locating uh what are your views actually I should be asking random that he’s smarter than me you know um but there’s a

Lot I mean on that note I don’t know if you’ve seen lately about the people are trying to get uh more and more information about UFOs at the moment and aliens for that matter I mean isn’t that a thing that’s happening in in the Congress in America right now where

There’s a lot of people asking for um under the Freedom of Information the act or whatever the equivalent is in America to try and get access to all of these secret documents that are out there and um the one that I’m taking I guess with a grain of salt whereas there’s

This guy that had really high security clearance in in America but he didn’t have anything to do with the the Roswell project or anything like that so he himself had no personal experience but he was a high level verified high level mind you um access to all kinds of sensitive

Information it’s been documented it’s been verified that he is the real deal and according to him he has been told by other people that it the real deal that yes America has access to unidentified flying objects they have a whole department that concentrates on finding

These things all over the world and yes he has said that we have already been exposed to aliens and that they have um examples of deceased aliens tucked away somewhere so um to go on a wild and probably get demonetized for this because YouTube does not like it

When you’re going crazy conspiracy theories but um I would not be surprised if if we have uh other life forms that are far superior to us that are already here that may be taking uh human form if they have that technology or failing that maybe they’re taking some

Sort of form about animal form and you would be number wiser anyway so I believe that could certainly be the case because there’s so much strange things that are happening on such a regular basis now but um it’s kind of hard to ignore and I think even if you were to

Get on to chat GPT or ask one of the the AIS what they think about this they’re probably also going to say yeah this is very real and it’s already in existence and why not it from

A logical perspective and I know um I’m repeating myself again probably uh when I say it’s very it would be extremely arrogant of human beings to think that we’re the only intelligent or above average intelligent life form uh in the universe that would just be ridiculous

The universe is so vastly large that surely there’s other intelligent life forms out there that are far superior to us I mean if you look at our history we’ve come a long way in a very short period of time think of what life was like 300 years ago compared to today

Or 500 years ago you know the the type of technology that we have just in the last 30 years is is an astronomical compared to anything that preceded it so you know in terms of what human beings are capable of we’re really only just touched the surface and now that artificial

Intelligence has become a thing touching the surfaces and even touching the surface if you if you understand what I’m saying so um yeah I mean if you’d asked me I’d be saying yep probably you’re already here probably already trying the influence um what’s happening

With humankind because more and more strange things are occurring on a regular basis um and see it always brings me back because again in my feeds I’m constantly getting there the um recommendations for some of the more difficult to accept things out there just in terms of

Identity and so on I think people are trying to change language to the point where it doesn’t make any sense and that’s scary to me it’s like what is the end goal with that that you want to make everyone so confused that they can no longer communicate because that seems

To be the way the world’s headed Pizza Hut paid one million dollars to deliver pizza to space there you go I’m sure the astronauts would be happy with that um I’d be careful with this sort of thing as well just based on the the uh Titanic um submarine disaster

When when tourism in space becomes a thing and that will uh become a thing once it becomes more economically viable for the masses I mean at the moment only rich people can do it but um they will come at a point in time where you know you’d be able to afford to

Go into space well only go with the reputable ones there might be a lot of disasters that happen before you end up with a reputable um space tourism you know it’s a bit like the Hindenburg blimp or the Titanic itself you don’t want to be the first bringing the

First off that doesn’t work out the way you want it to say there you go there’s two cents for that um you know I think my I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy theory but I’ve mentioned this I think once before that perhaps the craziest thing that I’ve pretty much firmly

Believe is that the the Earth itself is a living thing and our scientists just haven’t gotten to the the capability of understanding um what it is that makes the Earth yeah because it just has a way of healing itself it is very animal-like or human-like you know our

Bodies have a way of healing themselves for the most part the Earth does the same thing and it seems to want to create these natural disasters like Kane mentioned at the start with the hurricane it helps to wipe out populations in certain areas and you know then nature

Takes over um I don’t know how much you can believe that the um TV show I don’t know if it was a series or just one episode but it’s on YouTube um life without humans um it’s

I find it really interesting if it is accurate that yeah it sort of makes sense that um you know if you’ve ever done any sort of gardening for any length of time then you know that the the uh Plant World flora and fauna will always take over without human intervention

It’s inevitable you can put concrete down however much you like but say for example a property next door to ours used to have these massive trees and it keeps sending out routes that destroy the concrete this is just a tree doing it so you know whatever a human

Kind comes up with it doesn’t beat nature you can destroy nature all you like and can probably get to the point with nuclear weapons where you can do real damage but if you leave the Earth to its own devices that it has a way of just turning back to Nature and oh

Here’s another conspiracy theory that I have that might be a little bit crazy is that animals are a lot smarter than humans give them credit for I don’t necessarily believe that humans are smarter than animals because we have a habit of destroying everything around us whereas

Animals don’t do that and they can live in the harmony with the natural world around them and I think perhaps dolphins are a supreme example of that they’re basically the humans of the the ocean world and they have an intelligence that seems to surpass ours in terms of communication

At least um and the the oceans are there playground you know they are the dominant Force there but they haven’t done anything to destroy it so that’s where I have that sort of crazy Theory and I’ll be even bring that to a little rat bag today that um I don’t know if I’ve

Told you guys but we’ve had to uh before we went away on the holiday um rat bag was getting into way too many cat fights and we ended up having to take out to the vet half a dozen

Times it should get um a swelling on her head that eventually turned into an abscess that would burst and be infected or have to be cleaned so you know after five rather expensive trips to the vet we kind of had to make a decision um she’s no longer a free-range cat

So now she wants to go outside we have to put her on a leash and walk her like a dog and she seems to have adjusted to that really well she’s fine with it we’ve gotten to meet

A whole heap of people around the neighborhood just because it’s not common to see that here having said that for the first time I saw another cat being walked on a leash not far from where we live um here at train station so that cat’s a lot braver than rat bag because

She tends to get a little bit intimidated by um people walking around and uh yeah the point to this story was this morning I went to grab one of the pot plants that I put outside I went to bring it back in and she ran outside and I was like oh no

She’s gonna off she goes I’m not going to be able to see her again but she was such a good girl she only went to her we’ve got a few plants on the the um balcony for her

So there’s like catnip cat mint and cat grass um so yeah she stopped and was just eating the cat grass and waiting for me to come out which was really nice and she didn’t run away so I think she’s learned as well it’s better to go walking around her daddy and mummy because

Then that way I don’t get hurt and I don’t get into cat fights and she seems to really enjoy just going for a walk with this because we end up sharing um her experience you know she takes me to where she would normally travel around the neighborhood she’s probably a bit

Disappointed that she can’t walk into everyone’s front yards and go go into places where I can’t go but she can so she’ll try to she’ll strain on the leash for a little bit but then she knows oh well I can’t go that way so then she just comes back

Um so wrap bags on a leash yeah say um I see cats on leashes walking on the sidewalk see if I’m guessing it must be a fair bit more common in America because a lot of the cat

Owners around here and I’m guilty of it as well and growing up you know you just let the cat be free range the dog can’t be free range but the cat can do whatever they like um and you know all the cats around here just there’s one one particular owner that I don’t

Like just because they let they don’t ever take their cat in you really shouldn’t let your animal out at night um because they they have a larger territory that they will roam and they kill more things as well if you let your cat run around overnight time it’s being

Irresponsible as a cat owner to do that so we never let uh Rat bag out at night time but now she goes out at night because I’ll take her for a night walk and she really enjoys that she tends to take me further so it’s just proof that that’s the case that she’ll

Often walk a lot further at night time than she does during the daytime um say random and red how are you guys says Spidey he’s back Spidey tell me some of the trends that you’ve seen online or that you’re aware of that young people are into we can’t get vet

Appointments easily here they book three weeks out really okay so we use um the rspca vets so it’s the same place where we got rat bag from it’s like the Animal Welfare or animal shelter so they have their own vets here and you might not be able to get an appointment

On the day that you want it but they’re usually they have a number of vets um they’ve worked there voluntary well you still pay them so it’s not voluntary I suppose I don’t know how they get paid but they volunteer their time to work there and they have a number

Of them so it’s pretty easy to get an appointment I don’t know if that’d help you read Because often the the animal shelters will have vets there as well I see he’s a high schooler now nice one I’m not too well with Trends but everyone loves to dance the tick tock in my

School so Tick Tock dancing has been I guess one of the original trends that never really goes away is that is that mainly girls that do that Spidey or do the boys do it as well because I only um if I do see it it’s only ever girls that get recommended I’ve never

Seen boys dancing on Tick Tock that much I tried calling 15 emergency vets who couldn’t get in that’s no good um and how is being a Freshman treating you Spidey um I sort of have this perception of what high school is like in America just based on the movies and

TV shows that we get from America and it seems like it’s very high pressure you know you’ve got to try to fit in and you have lots of clicky groups and you know it’s I suppose it’s similar in Australia in in the sense that you’re always going to have groups of

People but it’s not as defined or I don’t know what it’s like these days but in my day you didn’t have like The Jock crowd and The Goth crowd and it wasn’t really like that it was just you know you had your group of friends whoever they were I

Um actually just giving you a second I think maybe I’m supposed to do something here because I just keep fighting with the same enemies over and over again not going to that thin one so I can find it and see what do I do here

Oh all right did something oh that’s what I had to do the whole time oh there you go oh geez no big boss um horrible I didn’t even start and it’s bad okay hang on just bear with me Spidey uh I really shouldn’t have tried to face big boss once you’ve started talking

You know where where is it why are you facing the wrong way I’ve got something I can pick up sorry Spidey just give me one moment I’m just trying to dispatch these big boss if I can what’s his health like what’s my health like nine you’re not even facing the right way stupid

Uh okay yes mainly girls do it horrible I just joined a robotics club and I got made fun of by nerds because I’m a high schooler um say hang on is the robotics Club in school or is it an extracurricular activity

I worry if people make fun right that happens to everyone um yeah hang on I’m trying to concentrate on this thing just give me one moment oh face the right way is there more than they face the right way almost got it okay hang on nearly there yes bear with me

How did that do it where is he where is he nope foreign get that last little bit did it work yay all right where are we um well more because I’m uh hang on no I’ve missed a bit you could tell they never bullied anyone by the way

They say it and also I just didn’t say anything to not have any problems smart move Spidey it’s best not to react to people if at all possible or if you do react react with kindness um just as a little bit of advice um I’ve mentioned before that I think the biggest

Problem that I had growing up as a school kid was racism I certainly copped a lot of that growing up and as I got older I’d sort of learned to say to people like are you okay is there something wrong in your life that makes you want to behave that way like do

You feel better now that you’ve attacked me because it’s not a good way to live and it’s not a smart way to live um you know we could be best friends if you gave me half a chance

But if you’re gonna hate me just because of the way I look um then that says more about you than me and often with the smarter person you know they might turn around and think about that and go well actually you’re right why am I behaving that way and you know be

Aware that if these kids are the Nerds they’re probably been picked on quite it’s their turn to to get back at people so here’s something that I’ll say um I’d spent uh she probably shouldn’t say too many personal things here but okay just to help Spidey out so I think

I had mentioned before that I went to boarding schools so I actually lived at a school for for a few years and um you know you can’t escape people when it’s like that you’re at the school you’ve got nowhere to go um and you’ll see people struggle when they’re there

Um but have a hard time um I certainly saw some people that had really hard time at school and you try and sort of defend them as best as you can but again as you get older you

Start to realize that it’s all rubbish like it’s once you leave school and into the real world you’ll find that things change like adults realize there’s consequences to their actions so they’re less likely to behave badly um I’m not sure oh okay okay

I have to talk to wait for NK you are stronger um okay well it’s more because under control it’s a school program but we have to go to another area in the city for it okay so it sounds like a extracurricular but school to be honest I don’t really care about them I

Have my own priorities and people that care so I’m definitely fine well that’s good too Spidey just you know recognize your own person and in the big scheme of things so long as you lead a Pious life you try and be the best person that you can be it doesn’t really matter

What anyone else thinks and I think a lot of adults will get to that point in their life they’re not too concerned what people think about them because they’re just doing what they need to do to to get ad in life and I think it’s great that you’re doing um

All of these extracurricular activities as well it makes you a more well-rounded character oh yeah and as uh Red’s asking he’s still in football and I’ll add to that and say you’re still doing the boxing and wrestling um because these are all quite healthy activities although

I do you know Spidey be careful with the contact Sports I keep saying that you know you don’t want to end up getting um any sort of head trauma that’s that’s what would be my main

Concern for you that you don’t want to suffer from CTE later on in your life um which if you you know if you ever plan to be like a professional um what do you call it NFL uh

NFL player or a professional wrestler or boxer um that is a very real thing that’s going to happen so um I wouldn’t recommend you do those Sports professionally um you know if you do then just get in and get out as quick as you can because we’re starting to see some

Of the effects of of the um bad things that are happening in these Sports these days um select how do I select oh yeah X so in Canary all right I’ve done that um I was a wrestling cheerleader I practice football but for now I’ve been doing a lot

Of wrestling I think wrestling is really good because [Music] um in the UFC for example the the wrestlers always do well and you know for not that I’d suggest that you go out and wrestle people in public but if you’ve got those skills then you know it might help you

If you ever get into a bad situation hopefully you never get into a bad situation um and there’s plenty of things you can do to avoid that I’ve never been in a particularly bad situation in my life you always um if you can develop this skill where you recognize

Or this could potentially be bad I better walk away now um just I actually wanted to hang around in the nightclub but okay um yeah so that’s also a good skill to develop but I kind of wish I did wrestling in school we had the opportunity

To do it but it’s not a big thing here it seems to be um taken much more seriously in America than than in the school that I went to anyway I’m not too sure no I don’t want to get in here to make some money buying selling items on the breakers what

Oh by now but I don’t even know what I’m doing oh hang on no no no I don’t want to do any of that I don’t know what that is nine I think that was just trying to get me to do stuff um

Say do they have cheerleading wrestlers you seem to be a cheerleader for a lot of things at your school read from memory um yeah we never had cheerleaders at any of the schools that I went to but one of them was an all-male school so you’re not going to have cheerleaders

There um no wrestling cheerleaders in our school because people only like basketball but maybe in high school I’m not sure do you do acrobatics in cheerleading yeah well that’s the other thing I’ve seen stuff about how dangerous cheerleading is um I read this it

Seems to be a lot more dangerous sport than people are aware of um with some horrific injuries as well it’s spectacular to look at um but scary uh wrestling isn’t anything to be worried about there’s a lot of Cartier though which is a good thing I

Was personally exhausted after some practice I bet I’m sure well even um not not say they’re professional fighters that are used to doing this but um for example I’ve watched a few prison YouTubers I’m trying to change my attitude towards people that commit crimes and then

Turn their lives around because I just don’t like people that commit crimes having been a victim myself on more than one occasion and even recently I don’t really respect people that think it’s okay to go and harm others in whatever ways shape and form they do so

Anyway they do with them a lot of them say um no I don’t want to do that um where they’ll say if you get into a fight that on average people are already exhausted after 30 seconds to a minute is about and they can be fit so

They can you know do a lot of weight lifting or whatever it is that they do to keep themselves fit unless they’re doing extreme Cartier like running around a track for a few hours a day

In in the wreck yard as they call it you said most people that get into fights they get winded really really quickly and um it feels like you’ve fought for a long long time but the reality is you might have only gone for 30 seconds or a minute and then you’re exhausted

Say um yeah it doesn’t really surprise me okay so um we did stunts and had four male stunt and they were football players who cheered for basketball I was petite so yeah I thought you might be the one that would get tossed in the air all the time red and that that

Would put the fear in Me based on what I’ve seen online um I find your your high school um atmosphere or environment is perhaps a better word the high school environment fascinating with your um the the cheerleading culture then there’s the band culture which um we

Sort of have that in the more private schools here rather than the public ones or maybe they do have it in the public ones but I mean for me to do that then when I was a kid I’d

Have to join a band um but in the private school they they certainly had like the marching band and that sort of thing which I find really intriguing it’s like there’s a lot of effort that goes into these things and when I was in America I remember um going to see my cousin’s

Practice um Gridiron or football and that was fascinating to me because they took a a lot more seriously even at that level I mean you’re only in high school when they were taking it quite seriously saying um

Yeah sorry just hanging I got distracted for a second there and just let me just read the chat for a second one thing I don’t understand is how underestimated sport I think you’re gonna write something else there later on we won State cheerleading competition my senior

Year and you were the Captain Awesome they must have been very talented um as a group I cheered for volleyball swimming hockey wrestling basketball professional cheerlead did you ever consider doing that um red becoming a professional cheerleader for the um the basketball

Or the football line name that I’d say that quite a bit online it’s going to check out what this blue thing is over here um just dispatch that guy and then what’s this thing I guess I can’t do anything there foreign

Afraid you I don’t know if that’s a good thing do I follow you around now don’t know all right let me know something over there too all right just bear with me for a second I’m kind of concentrating on the game again what is this thing

All right okay I know what that was um then I managed the baseball team read well you are very active in school I know you’re involved with a band yourself too the only sport I had second thoughts on was for football

Football I always got hurt and when I was practicing eyes fell down on my head yeah well Spidey it’s been proven many times over already that NFL is extremely dangerous when it comes to all that CTE stuff it’s gonna happen to you is it worth the risk and I would

Say no um don’t do it oh okay I should be releasing all of these things uh he came along doing that so I also ran track and I was in the pep band either pep

Is the pep band what I was talking about before uh one game in football when I came home I had bruises all over the arm that’s not good um ten years ago I was on the backup cheerleading for the Minnesota did I get that right Minnesota Michigan Minnesota or Michigan Vikings nice

The NFL team I practiced with the Viking cheerleader team we had to run five miles before practice I was Minnesota nice one so we should be getting uh Red’s autograph at this point I reckon and for some reason it also doesn’t surprise me and I’ve always felt that Red’s quite talented

Um you hear stories from our past and it’s like you must have been extremely popular at school and um very good at all of the activities that you took up while you were there okay let me just release all of these things because I’ve got a little bit of a CD there

I feel like I’ve got a finish the task at hand and I guess the more things that get released the better it is yeah all right there’s a lot of these balls around oh this thing seems to be a bit bigger and stronger than key leech better get this one from a distance

Bear with me I’m not too sure what’s going on here probably am what activate your movement mate I know that much but I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do it doesn’t matter we’ll just keep wandering around

Um oh wow do these balls keep appearing or am I getting rid of them slowly foreign just one more more moment oh wow I’ve missed quite a bit of chat there just hang on uh I’ll keep talking amongst

Yourselves it gives me more to catch up on in a moment and good to see you awesome I saw that in the corner of my eye [Music] um back here all right yeah okay yeah I think the banjo music’s quite appropriate at the moment running around like crazy um

Very sweet potato you’re Australian yes yes uh I only follow Trends if I feel like having a spike in views say well that’s where I’m at at the moment uh awesome that I tried to do that with the the um most recent short um that we uploaded so it gave me a spike

In the views for the first 12 hours and then then for whatever reason YouTube just stopped promoting it um but that’s kind of what I was asking about hopefully getting a little bit of help from the the dlg to say what other kind of Trends should I be looking into that

I can try and and get a get the channel back on track because I kind of need to do that at this point just to be motivated to keep doing the work um because I can’t deny it’s

Been very demotivating lately so um but it all has to do with shorts and um videos as opposed to live streams the live streams are more just about hanging out with you guys and having a bit of a chat rather than anything else

Um in case as I’ve sort of mentioned many times now that I don’t know why but something has changed in YouTube where they they are really pushing us to do the shorts but not the live streams is for our Channel anyway okay so um hey awesome pug how are you awesome

As always I’ve got a full ride there college on a Chile oh you can get cheerleader scholarships I didn’t even know that was a thing wow um that’s awesome as well uh if you can for Spidey and and awesome try your best at school see if you can get a scholarship for something

That makes your parents life a little bit easier I have an announcement to make when we are going to hit the two hour mark oh okay if I’ve been going for that long already wow this was supposed to be a short stream today I was about to give up before because no one

Was talking and now lots of people are so thank you for that you guys I appreciate that that’s what I like you know I love the banjo I’ve got to buy one one day um Ruby Evy on Google or YouTube for cheerleading that’s a good question for reals uh what’s it like

In Australia so you’ve got to be a bit more specific Spidey what’s what like um become Mr Beast well Mr Beast is in a bit of trouble at the moment three I would have to say no

Fault of his own so I don’t know if you’ve heard that drama where this is uh interesting thing um I find it’s it’s a fairly recent development so I don’t know if you guys have ever heard about ghost restaurants oh that looks like a food truck for red let’s see

If I can order something here probably not gonna let me order something nope um so Mr Beast with the Beast Burgers which I I guess you guys might know about um in order to get that franchise going he signed up with um what I call these ghost restaurants so it’s

Not a real restaurant it’s um like a ah you can’t call it a factory how would you describe it it’s not a restaurant like you can’t sit down and eat at these things and basically they prepare food for a whole lot of other restaurants so it’s more for like when you’re

Doing online orders you can go into the place and pick up food if you want um but you know your order online may have it delivered or you go and pick it up and they’ll do that

For a number of restaurants so anyway Mr Beast did do that but it turns out the food that they were sending out was really poor quality really bad to the point where Mr Beast wanted out of his contract didn’t want to be in the contract anymore and he sued the the company

That he signed up with it’s also I’ve got to say a bit of a um social media or influencer Trend as well it’s something that you know first Along Came the merchandise was one of the earliest incantations of how influencers can make money Beyond whatever’s on the platform

That they’re successful on sponsorships was another and then Along Came these ghost restaurants and so in return they’re counter suing Mr Beast not for 10 million but for a hundred million so the poor fella is going to have some sort of stress over the next however

Long to try and get this thing resolved um uh actually I think there’s no point me doing yeah they keep popping up all right so that’s just silly I’ve been doing that for ages for no reason whatsoever um I probably should activate the movement mode

Ah needed in from Van Well I saw a man over there okay just bear with me for a moment just take me out these fella and then I hang on a food trucks not necessarily A man right nice I gotta find a van

Oh there’s lots of cars around oh hang on there’s the arrow all right we’re on our way um I once did cheerleading video on my channel yeah I think I’ve even seen that cheerleading video there was a couple of years ago now read that you did that um

Did the live stream stop for you guys I just made uh well I don’t think it stopped as far as I’m aware uh what type of animals there or what some traditional things there like rugby okay so we have lots of unique animals um Spidey the general category I’ll say is

Called marsupial so that includes things like kangaroos and koalas wombats um even platypus we have very unique animals here um it’s also can be I guess a dangerous place but not dangerous in the sense of um defense students and injecting mutagen that I really should be doing whatever

It’s asking me to do um but our animals it’s not like um being afraid of bears and and tigers and lions not those kind of things it’s more like snakes and spiders crocodiles as well um but it’s smaller things that can harm you uh but you know so you just got to

Be sensible when you go out into the bush you know don’t go walking in tall grass and things like that be aware of your surroundings and you’ll be okay and then when it comes to the sport so we’re probably a little bit different from the Americans in that regard um

Just because the Sports that we have that are popular aren’t necessarily popular in America so rugby is one of them but um I’m much more of a staunch AFL so Australian Rules Football which is unique to this country we have tried to get that Irish to play um with

Us but they’re not quite at the same level we play their game mate we play Irish football with them each year um nope um so the sports like swimming is a big deal here Cricket is a big deal Aussie Rules Football um things like wrestling not so much um

We even have NFL here as well but it’s not popular same with baseball uh we have that here it’s not that popular but people do play it um to to put it really simply Australia is a sports mad country it always has been me we tend to really support um Sports and

It doesn’t matter what kind of sport it is they’ll support everything you name it we’ve probably got a team for it somewhere uh Kid Flash who’s Kid Flash okay I’ll accept you to a duel I don’t know who you are you gonna beat me is this someone online

Ah well yeah you uh defeated me very easily there Kid Flash congratulations local student body and see if they survive system shutting down keep flashes defeated say is that it I guess that’s it bye-bye Kid Flash

All right let me do this uh boxing is popular yeah so um now that so I don’t know where you the UFC is um in terms of is it more popular than boxing web boxing was always popular

Here we’ve had a couple of Olympic gold medalists as well a couple of really famous uh boxes in our time um I’ll give you two pennies to fight name you I don’t know if you’ve seen any emu in real life awesome but you’re gonna have to offer

More than two Thin hit pennies those things are huge and dangerous you wouldn’t think a bird is dangerous but if this thing kicks you or gets its claws into you in any way shape or form and aim you can literally disembowel the human being within seconds so can a kangaroo

For that matter like they might look cute kangaroos might look cute emus might look cute but they are very dangerous particularly the Wild Ones and I’ve encountered uh wild kangaroos before songs you know what to do it’s all right I don’t know what to do with

An emu I must admit but we’re the kangaroo if it ever stands up if it’s sort of bent over that’s fine then it’s relaxed but if it stands up in front of you that’s when you

Kind of don’t want to be near it you don’t want to be where it can kick you because again that thing if it kicks you it’s it’s going to do some damage and it can disembowel you so you don’t really want that to happen all right I’m wandering around nowhere at the

Moment [Music] um boxing hang on hang on let me just read this first two pennies it seems like they’re more venomous animals yes that’s true yeah even the platter it’s interesting that you know that the Platypus is quite venomous they’re very hard to to come across even in the wild

They’re an extremely shy creature um give out Prime sure I don’t know what all that means okay just give me a moment I just want to read the chat first um I remember hearing something about a kangaroo wearing

Boxing gloves yes so that’s true too they’re back in the day um you can even find footage of this on YouTube where they used to have kangaroo boxing fights with human beings I mean that stuff’s been banned for a long time now quite rightly but there is considered

Entertainment back in the day you know just like there’s a lot of animal performing things that are considered quite cruel now they were accepted back then so it’s good to see Humanities sort of growing and matured because it’s not good to involve animals and that sort of stuff

There is however I will say it’s a good and funny uh video where this guy is just trying to protect his dog that was being attacked by a kangaroo and he had a boxing match with

A kangaroo in the wild he only hit it once like he wasn’t trying to do damage to the kangaroo hearing he just wanted to save his dog so it was just it’s I’m sorry I’m laughing

Man it was funny to sing because he looked like he could box too he sort of took a boxer’s stance and you know it looked like he was getting into a real fight smack the kangaroo once in the face the kangaroo was like what the heck just happened and then he ran off

With his dogs so like I say it wasn’t uh I I wouldn’t call that animal cruelty he was just trying to protect his pet and the kangaroo is fine so there’s even a follow-up video to that why can’t I get that thing mate no

Okay I don’t know why I’m struggling I don’t want to fly I’m trying to pick up that thing um all right yeah yeah pick up this one okay Mission completed all right four pennies still my awesome four pennies for uh Amy you’ve gotta you gotta start talking in the

Hundreds of thousands and then it’s just a maybe at that point um yes we do use the metric system and uh just if I can make a and emu is about six foot uh so it’s bigger than me um just a little light-hearted ribbing to the Americans there what is wrong with you

People why do you still use feet and inches it makes no sense the rest of the world uses metric system I don’t know why the Americans don’t using their ounces and and uh pounds I mean it should be grams and kilograms um Master Chief size bed that’s right it is a

Big bird um if you’ve ever seen an ostrich in real life they’re about the equivalent size or a cassowary would be another one they’re all really big birds um and if you see uh emu egg or an ostrich egg that’ll give you an indication of how large these creatures

Are um press options and select the journal to collect your reward let you do that as well okay [Music] I’m not sure if I collected that real one made the complete emission located here uh okay uh okay okay was that it

I guess that was it works travel to Minneapolis University all right we’re rocking and rolling again um hang on I’ll get back to the chat in a sec come on gee at this rate stinky might get home before the stream ends so I kind of thought

With dunbart now but I’m enjoying this I hope you guys are enjoying the conversation because I certainly am um all right so we’re a master chief sized bird I’d love to play with a baby kangaroo um but they do have a good physique yeah I mean you can have pet kangaroos in

In America and we can’t have them here um in certain States I’m not sure what the rules are but you certainly can’t have one in the city that’s for sure um yeah and yeah they can have ridiculous physiques if you have a there’s a a very famous kangaroo online

That just he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and that thing is huge um there is a boxer that fought Ali and Nomad and he fought a bear and there are only pictures of that fight now I’ve heard of a few Fighters fighting bears I think they’re very brave to do that

Um there’s a UFC fighter Habib and Noma gamerov that apparently fought Bears when he was a boy um I saw a video of a guy fighting a kangaroo in a boxing ring yep so that’s what I said back in the day they even had exhibitions like that in Australia where you would have

Like a tour not a circus but it’s kind of like a circus where they would just tour around all of the country towns in Australia and that have these exhibition boxing matches where you could is an amateur like someone that doesn’t even box you could get into the

Ring with one of these professional boxes and challenge them to a fight and if you could survive however many rounds it was or however many minutes you could win a prize hang on why is a police officer beating me up here that’s not right [Music] what are you infected with student

Police officers oh didn’t I defeat that guy already I’m not liking that angle all right uh this thing in a second I’m still looks like I’m still there managing to defeat these people come on I always stay okay uh where were we say the kangaroo is wearing boxing gloves yeah that sounds like

One of the the old school ones that they they used to have back in the day what is a kilometer that is a measure of distance awesome so it’s the equivalent of a thousand meters is one

Kilometer um I want to say now I don’t know what the conversion is but you you do what yards and feet and yards I think so I don’t know how many yards it is but um there you go kilometers distances do ask me Peter I hate myself please teach me the metric system

They need to hate yourself you just gotta gotta protest with your your government or what whatever to say hey we need to convert it’s it’s been too long now let’s just do what the rest of the world does and use the metric system um so basically the the metric

System is to do things in tens would be the easiest way to describe everything you know in in denominations of 10 which makes more sense than denominations of 12 you know it’s a nice easy number to calculate so you know 10 millimeters to one centimeter a hundred

Centimeters to a meter um a thousand meters to a kilometer it’s all in divisions of 10. um same with weight you know grams milligrams kilograms all divisions of ten much easier to calculate um okay say hang on I’m really enjoying the chat I don’t want to play uh wish stinky was

Here uh hang on I might have to take care of that boob first things he keeps attacking take care of you first and then get this infected um oh I finished another one all right so let me just read this uh Tiffany so I did

That my grandmother side of fries not sure what that one means um a pet ID oh sorry a pet I’d want to have is a penguin that would be a lovely I reckon that’d be the coolest

Little bed to have to penguin it like a penguin too I’m sure I’m not afraid of a pair just depends on which one so what I often do to um you know if I’m having a bad day or whatever

To cheer myself up is to watch pet videos with the cat she she likes watching the animal videos or seeing the animal friends ones where animals are friends with other animals that you wouldn’t expect and I think just about every animal on the planet has the potential

To be friendly with you now I’m say that with a grain of salt don’t go out there and start trying to make friends with alligators and wild bears and lions and tigers yes it can be done but usually you know it starts with them being a baby where you have um you’ve

Become friends with them from the very start and they don’t know any better I mean there’s there’s a guy that has made friends with a wild uh alligator I wouldn’t recommend other people do it but he’s done it you know and you see people being friends with bears very

Possible I grew up watching Grizzly Adams so I know it’s possible I would be very hesitant to do it but um you know in America you can certainly have whatever pets you want pretty much um all right so

Hang on okay I’m gonna have to stop playing the game just so I can keep up with the chat let me just do the chat first where’s my little mouse because I’ve missed quite a bit um it

Depends which one if you’re telling me a polar bear or a grizzly bear that’s me dying now if it’s a black bear or a pen and now we’re talking I believe all of the above you can be friendly with and um the panda in particular it doesn’t strike me as a particularly violent

Great job because they just eat bamboos so it’s not like they’re they’re gonna eat meat on a regular basis some beer they’re cute from memory that’s the little orange looking bear with the it’s brown and orange looking if it’s that one um Peter have you ever seen

A kangaroo yeah I mean I’ve um because I grew up in the country in um I met people that had pet kangaroos back in the day um that one was on a farm one was actually in town

But they had to get rid of the one in town um and then yeah there’s uh when I moved to Queensland for a while there is a kangaroo Sanctuary there where it was basically wild kangaroos that were all living on this one property that this guy basically donated for

The kangaroos to be there and you could go there and hang out with them you didn’t even have to pay they they had a a charity box so we always put in you know a couple of dollars

Or whatever just for for um Charity’s sake but they didn’t charge you to to enter you can go to any zoo or wildlife sanctuary in Australia and they’ll have kangaroos there as well so I’ve met quite a few in in my lifetime and I’ve met some mild ones I told this story

Once in the live stream I believe I’ll tell you again that I went camping with some friends um for a week and one night we were just sitting around after dinner we didn’t have a campfire

So we just had like a little Lantern thing that gave us a little bit of light but not much and then I heard this sound right next to my ear that scared the the Jeeves out of

Me at first because I didn’t know what it was and I turned around there was a kangaroo head literally about a foot away from my ear just moseying up to Camp like my goodness kangaroo and so I fed at some something that we had there and my friends were a little

Bit freaked out because they were City people so they weren’t used to this sort of thing happening whereas I’ve gone for walks in the country and and just seen kangaroos on my walk so to me it’s no big deal and yeah I just sat there feeding him patting this it

Didn’t like me patting it too much so I had a grunt a little bit whenever I touched it but as long as I was feeding it food it didn’t really care that much what happened oh so looks like the game’s down for maintenance all right well that’ll give me a chance to

Catch up um okay say send a kangaroo answered that one that goodness I know what a kilometer is yeah uh wait what’s the sun bear that’s been answered probably okay for their one it’s maybe because that one is Big Wikipedia the free encyclopedia says that any that anyone

Can add it says the sun berries the species uh in the family is I don’t know if I pronounced that right uh occurring in the tropical forests of the southeast Asia in the small bears standing near 70 centimeters 25 to 65 kilometers wow that is a stocky build with large pores strongly

Curved claws small rounded ears and a short snout very cute looking um going to have this side of fries is a joke on American stereo types of fast food and guns oh there you go

Thank you for telling me that uh I pet a squirrel squirrels are cute um we don’t have them here but I have seen them in the wild in lots of other countries and when I was in Thailand

I met a pet squirrel so I think they’re adorable little creatures but uh yeah we just don’t have them here now I might have to in the the stream now seeing as the game is down to maintenance so there’s not a lot I can do unless you guys want to keep talking there’s

Not going to be any action made and I’ll just check oh wow we’re past the two hour mark didn’t you have something you wanted to say Spidey at the two hour mark you were waiting to to say something there I’ll click to see if it’s finished its maintenance they can

Be vicious Little Creatures so I guess my question to you is have you ever eaten a squirrel because I’m kind of curious you guys know by now that I like my survival shows and videos and um I often see squirrel being eaten and I’m I’m curious as to what it might be like

They say it’s very tough and stringy but I’d also want one as a pet say you know maybe I shouldn’t be talking about eating them um every animal I pet with dogs cats the square

Old bunny go I picked up a baby sheep and had a ball wow you’ve packed quite a few things fighting no I haven’t eaten this squirrel yes my announcement is this so we are going to find out um I’ve had a lot of things in my time and sometimes stupidly as well I’ve

Tried to pet a turtle once in um SeaWorld type environment and it bit me it almost took my finger off saying I wouldn’t recommend doing that but um everything that you’ve mentioned in Spidey I have also pet except for the squirrel I didn’t get close enough to the the pet one

To be able to pet it but everything else I have and more um I’m coming back to YouTube to make videos that’s good Spidey it’s been a while I know that you were struggling with ideas um that’s I guess so was I which is why I was asking

About the trends and put that in the title say good luck with that yeah let me know if you need any help he’s uh I know he’s you’re working on your animations for quite a while there they were certainly improving over time

Um the sharks can be very nice creature and can remember people very well too I’ve heard that as well awesome then they do have good memories and I have seen Again on YouTube there’s there’s someone that’s made friends with a wild shark again I wouldn’t recommend

Doing any of that sort of stuff but um if you have a pet one that you have in a fish tank that you have ever since a baby then you know maybe it can be quite friendly towards

You I’m starting to use my switch to make Pokemon gameplay and seeing come back to animations yeah I like spidey’s animation videos a predator shark once bam what’s a bamboo shark I don’t know what that one is um and everyone’s saying awesome to Spidey as well so that’s good um

No I do want to keep having this chat but I’m just thinking that because I can’t do the gameplay um whoever is watching it on replay might get very bored with this so petting squirrels is very hard to do there like birds they always run away all right they I thought

They might be like that because they’re very jitterish but again I’ve seen it to my mind it all boils down to whatever animal you have if you get it young enough it will be a lot more friendly and if you can train it to be friendly so here’s a couple of examples I’ll

Give most times you can’t Pat a cat on the belly they they don’t like it as a it’s not like a dog that really likes getting its belly rubbed as a general cats don’t like it well

The easiest way around that is if you have a kitten so you get the cat when it’s quite or kitten when it’s young and your rub its belly all the time then it gets desensitized

To it and it ends up like getting belly rubs um I saved a wild bird once that it was blown out of its nest it didn’t even have feathers on it at the time and um my dad thought it

Was going to die and I’d said oh and I like we just need to work out what to feed it and they knew someone in the town that had saved a bird before and she came around and gave

Me the the food that you needed for that burden it became I feel really bad about it because we thought we were doing the right thing by once it grew up a bit and got its feathers and everything you’re not supposed to Australia’s very funny about keeping wild animals they’d

Say oh it’s better to to release the animal back into the wild so it has a proper life but um that bird was attached to me and and I know that it was really upset when we called

A wildlife person to come and take take the little bird away it’s one of my biggest regrets I should have just kept that bird as a pet should have actually just given it to my dad

Because he wanted a pet he’s got pet birds now and then he said to me at the time he always wanted one and I ended up taking it away and then giving it to the wildlife sanctuary

I’d never do that again to be honest unless it was you know saving a wombat or something you probably have to then a little bird like that no I should have kept it um bamboo sharks more bottom fading sharks so I didn’t know that um I’m gonna have to look at that after

The stream decently sized too also that same day I took a beautiful picture of his squirrel here content I’ll be making can’t wait to see what comes um gaming sports animation even videos I take outside so I would suggest uh Spidey if you’re going to and this goes

For everyone um you have to find your Niche first um if you have lots and lots of random content when you’re first trying to grow your channel it’s not going to work and proof is in the pudding with us when we first started our Channel um I was like you I wanted to

Do a variety of content and nothing was getting promoted and it wasn’t until um I don’t know if you can remember look he was the the guy that said to me why don’t you try live streaming you know you’re doing the gaming stuff you’re doing Clash of Clans why not try live streaming

Clash of Clans and that changed the the game for us that’s what got us to to get the number of Subs that we did in the number of views that we’ve managed to get now now it doesn’t

Mean you always got to do that because again proof is in the pudding where um I’ve gone away well we’re still live streaming but um we’re not getting promoted with the live streams like we were before so now it’s more okay now I’ve got to go the other way and start

Doing branching out but we’ve already got the the um background or the base to be able to do that with for example you I’m pretty sure none of the dod cares what we make you’re very supportive of everything that we do whether it’s the gaming related content or or something

Else and even with the live streams I mean half of you joined to watch the game and the other half just joined to listen to me talk um or I’d stinky talk if she’s here so we’re

Kind of lucky that way but I would recommend that stick to one thing if you’re trying to to grow your channel initially and red does that to a degree like she’s doing the sort of first person putting the camera on herself or if she does a live stream it’s an in real

Life but still based on her so she keeps doing the same genre and that’s why her Channel grows you know I’ve watched it gray since I’ve met her it’s it’s slower growing but it does grow and that’s why I would recommend doing that because otherwise the algorithm

Just does not know how to promote you um and I think if you do research on on what helps you on YouTube they’ll give you the same advice and then Branch out once you start getting a bit more popular or a bit more views so hopefully that helps you okay so uh Stardust

Lane let anyone uh touch here but me and needs to be sedated at the vet because she thrashes and acts like a wild animal wow I didn’t know that about Stardust Dragon she seems so Placid

Um all your dogs seem quite Placid uh when I come back I’m going to start a little easy and work up I’m first going to do a YouTube short men do gaming yeah well that’s good so you’ve got a plan so you’re doing better than me at the moment in Spidey because I

Don’t have a plan at the moment other than than doing these shorts and normal videos so I will show you if I can get you guys not red she’s already seen it but for the others just check out that latest short and then just drop a comment on it telling me what

You think I know it’s not particularly strong I hashed that one together very quickly more to prove a point to myself than anything else and I think the point was proven that YouTube for us anyway it looks like they want our channel to start doing more shorts and less

Streams I’m still going to do the streams but I do have to start concentrating on the other video formats doing a normal video is the one that I’m really putting there is put the fear in me because at some point I’m either going to ask the dlg or I’m going to have

To pay editors to do some of the work that I can’t do I don’t have the skills set to produce the kind of videos that I want to so I just don’t have the editing skills to

Do it and then the other thing is I also don’t have the time to be able to do it as well um and I’ve noticed a lot of the big YouTube channels when they do get big they start doing

The content farming and hiring editors to do a lot of their work for them because they’re in the same position where they just don’t have the time or the skills to be able to do what they want to produce and I certainly feel like that Bambi sharks with a small bottom

Feeding sharks in the petting exhibit the zebra sharks where the bigger bottom feeding sharks right so they’re the ones that you can go and pet in the aquarium right because I’ve done that I’ve pet sharks in aquariums before that they call it like a petting aquarium or something

Um uh when I like it I upload when I like it or found something funny so that’s where I’m at right now awesome that I’ve got this idea um you’ll see it with the next short uh or three shorts I’m hoping if the first one does even better than the most recent

Upload then that will allow me to continue that theme and I’ve got maybe three ideas for those with three different series but then after that I’m stuck again and this one just to explain a little bit about the um the most recent uh shot that I did it was

Basically getting that concept of here are two things that were trending at the moment and putting them together to try and make it funny so it’s like oh you know there’s lots of memes out there about that plain freak out lady and then there is lots of um commentary

On those NPC characters so I just thought well why not combine the two and given how many views it got in such a short space of time um I mean for me that was like we’ve never had that happen on our channel before we’ve never had that many views in in that

Amount of time but um for whatever reason the algorithm or YouTube was like all right well will promote it a little bit but then we’ll stop after 12 hours that part I don’t get um yeah but that’s sort of the idea that I have now the next one will have nothing

To do with Trends but it’s more I found a couple of different videos that I thought were quite funny if you put them together so um yeah so that’s where I’m at with that and we might just wait for the Spidey to explain uh what’s been happening and then I might

Have to end the stream because it looks like I can’t get back into the game at the moment it’s that maintenance break might take a long time so while I’m waiting for Spidey to write what he was going to write um as per usual appreciate everyone coming to the live stream

Like they did and keeping the chat really active towards the end there I’m very appreciative of that because at the startup was really quiet a lot of the dlg showed up at the start of the stream and then either left or just went quiet um yeah and plus I’ve got to take

The wrap bag for another walk she was harassing me earlier today um so let me explain after the Memorial Day I got burnt out school was giving me a hard time because the assignments were bigger so then I am coming back so it was hard to make

A comeback after a month being out well um Spidey don’t forget that you know school is way more important at this stage in your life you don’t want to be distracted by the online stuff you know you’ve only got one shot at this study as hard as you can get the best

Grades that you can because that will open up more doors for you um but don’t don’t feel like if you fail or don’t get the the grades that you are hoping to get don’t let that get you down so long as you’ve tried your best if you haven’t tried your best well then

You’ve only got yourself to blame for not studying hard enough but if you you are trying your absolute best to do uh get your Straight A’s or whatever then that’s all that can be asked of you again from experience like we had a lot of pressure on us to to get good

Grades and I was certainly a straight A student up until the age of about 15 and then I changed schools and the the next school I went to is a lot tougher it had a lot smarter people

There as an indication the the guy there was a guy in my year at school that ended up being the Ducks of the states he had the best marks in the entire state so that was the kind of

Level of competition that I was dealing with and I couldn’t compete with that that guy is a genius I had that he went on to do multiple degrees After High School and degrees that you would not think would be combined say um yeah so you know point is school is important

Study hard do the best that you can don’t be distracted by this other stuff um but I’m 100 uh yeah so it’s way uh Awesome’s got the right idea you do your school work first before your gaming or any other kind of leisure activity and I was certainly like that as well but

I must admit um by the time I turn 15 I struggled to to study hard um and the reality was I didn’t even need this study before that um yeah that’s my own wow I’m having a little

Bit of personal uh introspection at the moment that um I was a straight A student without even studying so I was very lazy as a student as a the conclusion I’m coming to so when

I did need the study I was already too lazy don’t be like me do as I say not as I do um but I’m 100 coming back I’ve been making more responsibilities and now I’m ready to come back and make uh better content well make sure you keep things balanced spider that’s

The the point that I’m trying to make don’t get carried away with it because I do I’ve seen a lot online where lots of kids these days say you know what do you want to do for

Your future and career I want to be um a social media star seems to be the most common response but you have to be realistic about all of this it’s the same as wanting to be a professional

Writer or a professional actor or a professional musician you see the elite you see the very successful that become very famous and make a lot of money but they are a very small percentage of people and it’s no different when it comes to this stuff all of the success that you

See around you is a very small percentage of people compared to the competition that’s out there so just be aware of that I’m not trying to uh say don’t do it but be balanced about it because you know I also got into this wanting to make money it wasn’t to be

Famous but we certainly wanted to have a successful channel to to have a passive income that was my main goal yeah so you should watch Jaws so I’ve seen Jaws um I haven’t I’ve seen Jaws jaws too don’t know about Jaws 3 and I don’t know if there’s any more remakes but yeah

They’re being advertised on foxtel at the moment so I’ll check uh maybe check out the later ones because I saw someone put a meme in Discord relating to that okay a great piece of my wasted time but I’m thinking of posting tomorrow Monday I push myself each morning

To edit two minutes okay um yeah well good luck with all of that I I certainly feel everyone’s pain when it comes to being motivated to do these sorts of things all right so I can’t get into the game it’s been going for more than two hours I’ve got a lot of background

Work to do now so thank you guys for joining again I hope you have a fantastic rest of the weekend good luck with the video editing for those that are choosing to um create some more content and hopefully we will see you in the next one all right bye bye if I can

Remember how to turn this off again

Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Canon events, according to YouTube are a plot point that is immutable in every timeline as it is essential to the equilibrium of the multiverse (e.g. Spider-Man being bitten by a radioactive spider), and has become a source of memes for fans, who caption or title videos about their life with “it’s a canon event.” From the Wes Anderson trend to Euphoria to The Little Mermaid, Creators leverage the unique aesthetics and iconic moments of these blockbusters to express themselves in new ways.

Short for “charisma,” did Kai Cenat really coin the term “rizz” that has become a touchstone of Gen Z slang and led to a boom of rizz content on YouTube. In the past year, uploads per day of videos with rizz in the title have increased over 15x, and have been viewed over 600 million times.3 With more people adapting and participating in the viral concept, rizz video content has expanded its definition from POV videos to Creators evaluating displays of rizz to sketch comedy. Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

“Are you a T?” has been the question being asked by Korean Shorts Creators who are using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests as a way to create fun videos and memes. In Korea, the MBTI functions similarly to the horoscopes in the US, providing a shorthand for people to discuss their personalities. In Korea, videos related to MBTI have been viewed a whopping 100 million times over the past 90 days.4 Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Skibidi Toilet. Back in February one animated Short featuring “the Skibidi Toilet” gained over 30M views in just three months, and kicked off what is now an episodic series of over 13 organized seasons much like a traditional TV show. Garnering tens of millions of views on each video, the series features a bodiless head emerging from a toilet bowl singing a Biser King/Timbaland remix, and has inspired complex lore among a massive fanbase. The series’ Creator has amassed over 20M subscribers and 8B views, and has a mobile game reflecting the series concept in development. Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Chess. There have been over 4 billion views of videos related to chess this year.5 While chess content initially saw interest during the pandemic, including its unconventional partnership with comedy in India, it maintained its popularity with Creators using modern creative techniques to bring chess into the present day, from standard gameplay videos to Chessboxing events to unique openers and endgames. This interest in strategy board games is something we are seeing pick up in other places of the world too. In Japan, for example, the chess-like game, Shogi, has experienced a resurgence, earning over 350M views this year.

Description source: https://blog.youtube/culture-and-trends/july-culture-trends-2023-rizz-permission-to-flex/



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