Tesis 1996 [BluRay] [Full film] [English subtitles]

2021-11-16 22:35:06 02:04:09 Attention, ladies and gentlemen… Due to an accident on the line we’ve stopped the train. As you see, we’re only halfway into the station. The doors will now be opened so you can get out. Please do as you’re told. Okay, let’s see. Now walk through 2 carriages, to the platform. What’s happened?

A man’s thrown himself in front of the train. When you reach the platform, leave as soon as you can. Don’t look at the track. The man’s been cut in two. Come on, hurry up. Move. Come on. THESIS Out you come. Just one line, please. Let’s go. Come on. Eyes off the track.

There’s nothing to see. Get off. That way. A man threw himself on the track. Right, that way. No looking. Don’t look. Don’t touch anything Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you. Please, get off. Nothing worth seeing. Move on. Don’t be so morbid. Let me through. Come on, off you go. Keep moving.

Move along, that’s enough. SCHOOL OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS. NOVEMBER 1995. – It’s just the outline. – True, but I like the approach. It’s a delicate subject. It’s a God-send for the morbid. But you’re being objective. Thanks. Okay. See you in class. Just one more thing… on section 7… “Audiovisual violence.” I’m looking for information.

What kind of information? Images. Images never seen on TV, because they’re too violent. You have access to the archives. Maybe you could get me something interesting. Does that seem interesting to you? Not personally. But it’ll be useful for my project. – Violent images… – As violent as possible.

It’ll be awkward asking for films like that. They’ll think I’m warped. I can’t promise anything. – Come see me tomorrow. – Thanks. Until next week, and please go to the cinema. Until next week, and please go to the cinema. Hi. You’re Chema? I’m Angela. Great. Can I ask you a favor?

I hear you like violent films, and you’ve got quite a collection. Of what? You know, gore, porn… That’s not true. I wouldn’t give them to you anyway. If you want to get turned on, go to a sex-shop. It’s for my thesis, on audiovisual violence. You should’ve done it on Mickey Mouse.

You want to see those tapes? So you have them. Yes or no? You University lot like to show off what you’re doing. But you haven’t got a clue about the cinema. What is cinema for you? What I’ve got in here. Hypocrites say my films are shit, but they’re dying to see them.

It’s for my thesis. I have no interest in your fi… Hey! Come on in. Do you want something? No, thanks. No beating about the bush, right? Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Do you live with thieves? I live alone. – And your parents? – They don’t live in Madrid.

This belonged to my grandmother. She snuffed it last year. Don’t touch anything. Nobody’s ever come to my hideaway. Feel lucky. Why give me the honor? You’re gorgeous. – Thanks. – You were born that way. Sit down. It’s free. Now, what do you want to see? What have you got? All types of porn…

Soft, hard, oriental, you name it. This one’s shit hot. Porn doesn’t really interest me. It’s easy to get. If that’s all you’ve got… So you want action, eh? Alright then. I need violent images. Violent images. How nice. You’ll shit yourself. What film then? “Fresh blood”. Avery beautiful and educational film.

What are they doing? What do you think? Taking out his brain. Oh my God! That’s what you wanted. Don’t get squeamish now. Everything you see is real. Executions, beatings, hangings… Great stuff! – Good afternoon. – Good afternoon, Mr. Figueroa. I’d like to ask a favor. I’m after a Czechoslovakian film.

I can’t remember its name. Can I see the titles? – Do you want to go in the storeroom? – It’s not the norm, but… Come with me. It’s strange. No one ever asks to go in, – but you’re the second today. – Is that so?

Another professor came a moment ago. He comes here often. Professor! He can’t hear me. Here you are. According to category. I’ll leave you to it. Shouldn’t we wait for him to finish? I don’t think that’ll bother him. – Does it bother you? – Of course not. It’s very big.

You won’t bump into each other. See you. Hello! PORNOGRAPHY AND OTHER GENRES: SHELF 54. How horrible! Do people really watch these movies? You, for instance. That’s different. I don’t enjoy them. It’s disgusting. Have you ever seen anyone killed? What do you think? Not TV stuff, but the real thing.

This is real. What more do you want? You don’t get me. I’ve never seen anyone killed. Mr. Figueroa. We’ve got to close now. Hello! That’s it. – Hi! – Hello, bookworm. – Have you seen Figueroa? – You like older men, eh? Professor? Did you find him? No. He didn’t come to class.

Nor did you. Where were you? Never mind. I’m off. Do you think a film can kill someone? A heart attack, or something like that, caused by what they see. What’s got into you? Wasn’t yesterday enough? You’re a real sadist. So you’d probably fuck even me. I’ve got money.

– We’re off. Sena! – Coming. – Sure you don’t want to come? – I’ve got to work on my thesis. Then you’ll ask for my clothes. Come on. Let’s go. Don’t work too hard. – Mummy! – What? – What’s on this tape? – What tape?

In the video. Did you watch it last night? No. Rewind it and take a look. – Hey! – This tape’s mine. – Can’t I watch it? – It’s for my thesis. Boring stuff. How do you know? No. I’m sure it’s not a report. Silence. Be quiet. Quiet. Hello, everybody.

I suppose you’ve heard the news. Professor Figueroa died on Tuesday. He was found in one of the screening rooms. Apparently he had an asthma attack while watching a film. I bet it was Spanish. Have you seen the film? No. You probably took it. My name’s Castro. Jorge Castro.

I’m a professor of Audiovisual Psychology. Some of you probably know me. I’m going to replace Professor Figueroa for now. I know the program. So there shouldn’t be any problem to carry on as normal. Which reminds me… Where is it? I believe Prof. Figueroa was directing your thesis. I’d be glad to carry on.

We can talk when you like. – You’re losing it. – I’m not. You found him dead and took the tape. – I did not! – It’s her! She took the tape! – Why should I give it to you? – ‘Cause I showed you mine.

– Why do you want it? – Why do you? – For my thesis. – Bullshit! What the fuck’s on it? I don’t know. What? I haven’t seen it yet. You’re stupid. Your place or mine? Give me the tape. Now the fun begins. I can’t. Too bad for you.

– Fuckin’ hell! – Switch it off! It’s real. What? A girl, tied to a chair, being beaten by a guy wearing a balaclava. Why are you doing this to me? Fuck, it’s awful. I can’t. What’s he going to do to her? – Don’t watch. – I don’t want to. Don’t look! Don’t look!

I know that girl. She was at the University. She disappeared 2 years ago. Is she dead? What a question. They blew her brains out. What’s he doing to her now? – Cutting her up. – Jesus Christ! Switch it off! I told you so. That bastard’s a butcher. I think her name was Vanessa.

Why did they do that to her? That looks like a garage, doesn’t it? Why? It’s a garage. – It’s a garage. – So? – She was tortured, then killed. – You don’t say. How can you watch that crap? – You stole that crap. – I didn’t know what it was.

You could’ve imagined. Deep down you love it. – What are you saying? – Just what you’ve heard. That’s nonsense. – Hang on. What the fuck’s this? – I refuse to look. I’m talking about the texture. Look at the horizontal lines. I only see intestines. You’ve learnt nothing in 5 years. The texture’s different.

– So? – It’s a digital zoom. The idiot’s used a digital zoom. So what? We can find out what camera he used. Really? How many cameras have digital zooms? 100? 5,000? 10,000? How many cameras had digital zooms 2 years ago? Not many. Very few. Autofocus, light control, shake control, Stereo mic… Shit.

Here. Digital zoom. The center of the image will get… That’s the B-2000. It came out this year. Let’s see. Stroboscopic effect, solar effects… I’m sure there was one. The XT-500? – Fuck, that’s it. The XT-500. – Which one? Here it is. I’m sure… Autofocus, audio dubbing… Digital zoom! “This allows significant

Enlargements of the original.” See? He did use an XT-500. It’s the HI 8 system, I think. Fascinating, but I’m going home for dinner. Are you hungry? No, afraid. Don’t take it with you. I want to see it again. Her parents have heard nothing about her since. Sena. Come here.

Have you been snooping around in my room? Why? Of course not. I can’t stand people sifting through my things. – It wasn’t me. – I know my room. Someone’s been nosing around. Not me. You were after that tape, weren’t you? Leave me alone. – Hello. – It’s Chema. I’ve got something.

I’m not interested. That’s it. Okay? – Someone’s been in my room. – What? Calm down, will you. – No one knows us. Don’t be afraid. – Of course not. You should check your room as well. No one’s been here. I’ve got something you must see. – I can’t. – Yes you can.

– I don’t want to. – Yes you do. At first, I thought nothing of it. Please! Don’t! Please! Please. Please. Look! – What? – It’s been cut. Look again. No, please! Please! Why are you doing this to me? Please! He’s cut off a bit. Not only here. The film’s full of cuts.

All in the same way. Look. It’s very slight. He’s almost in the same position. Why cut there? In a film like this, you’ve got to see everything. The more you see, the better. So why cut it? So we don’t see something. Please, why me? Please! No! She was about to say something. What?

Something he doesn’t want us to hear. – His name. – His name. She knew who he was. – She knew him. – So what? That changes things. We now know more about him. Listen… You sound like the police. Don’t insult me. We’ve got to know who

– Vanessa’s friends were. – Are you crazy? This guy might be one of them. Look… I’ve had enough of this. You’re scared shitless. Of course. This is no game. These people really kill. Piss off, then. I’ll do it on my own. You don’t understand. I said it’s over. For you as well.

I don’t want any problems. What do you mean? I won’t get you into trouble. So what now? Go after anyone with a camera like that? What if you find him? Or he finds you? Then it’s my problem. Too right. I’ve never been here, I don’t know you. I’ve never seen that tape.

What is the cinema? Don’t fool yourselves. The cinema is an industry. It’s about money. Millions invested in films… and then made at the box office. Our country has no cinema because there’s no concept of industry. No communication between the makers and their audience.

We’ve reached a very critical stage; our cinema won’t be saved unless it is understood as an industrial phenomenon. As students of cinema, you are the future of Spanish cinema. Save it. The American industry’s out there trampling on you, and there’s only one way to compete: give the public what it wants.

Don’t forget that. Thank you. – Angela. – Hi. – How are you? – Fine. – A drink? – No, thanks. Here’s my work, sir… Please don’t be so formal. I’m not that old. I haven’t done much recently. It doesn’t matter. I just want to get an idea. Anything you want to tell me?

No. Fine. UNIVERSITY STUDENT DISAPPEARS. WHERE’S OUR DAUGHTER? COURT BLOCKS NEW INQUIRY IN ROMERO CASE. …the rest of the staff will be taken on for the rest of the project. And that’s all for today. See you tomorrow. Don’t forget to bring me your work. – What do you want? – What do you want?

This is yours. You’re studying journalism? – No, cinema and TV. – One of us. Give them to me, please. Are you doing some project? No, well, yes, a project. – You’re in luck. – Why? I knew her. She was a friend of my girlfriend. I know what happened. That’s alright, thanks.

I’ve got all I need. There are things you don’t know. Where were you? Yolanda, this is… – Hi. – Hi. Bye. She’s doing a report on Vanessa. Can I have a word with you? Hi, Roadrunner. Is it true about the project, or are you pulling my leg? No, it’s true. And the camera?

Camera? For the project. Of course! – The truth is… – You’re confused. What? No, I mean, we still haven’t got it. – We’ve got to get permission. – Will this do? I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough! Bullshit! Chema, you’ve got to help me. – Imagine interviewing him? – He pressurized me. Pressurized you?

What the fuck can one ask a murderer? – Was Vanessa normal? – I’m glad you ask, because she was wonderful, full of life, until I killed her, of course. – Did she mix with strange people? – No, she was an angel. Did she seem strange prior to her disappearance? What do I know?

– Do you think she was killed? – You can’t ask that. – It’s fundamental. – You’ll fuck up if you ask that. If I don’t, he might think I’m avoiding the issue. Stop thinking about what he might think. This isn’t your thesis. – What’s the matter? – I’m leaving. – Why? – Because.

Great. I’m sorry. Where are my keys? You still haven’t told me his name. Where are they? – These? – They’re my sister’s. – I never lose my keys. – Welcome to the club. This is Bosco. Bosco, Chema. Hi. – How’s it going? – Is this the camera? Chema’ll operate the camera.

You know how it works, don’t you? I think so. When you’re ready. Bosco was in class with Vanessa. Tell us what happened. She didn’t come to class for a few days. We called her house. They said she’d disappeared. The police looked for her for months but we never heard anymore about her.

Do you think she was kidnapped? Some people think so, but that’s absurd. After she disappeared, she wrote home… saying she’d fallen in love, that she’d run off with this guy. No ransom money was ever demanded. And didn’t you suspect anything? Didn’t you know anything about her private life? I don’t spy on anyone.

Do you? Do you know who she might have run off with? No, but knowing her, it had to be someone very special. In what way? In every way. Vanessa… two years have gone by and I’m sure you’ve made a new life. But wherever you are your friends won’t forget you. Please, Vanessa,

Come back. I love you. – He was crying. – Bullshit. – Suppose it’s true. – Don’t go along with his game. He looks at you with his angel face and you believe every word he says. What? Do you like him? – Don’t be silly. – Don’t you be silly. What about the letter?

It shows that Vanessa fell in love with a bloke. – Who? – Who do you think? How can you be so sure? Besides, Bosco’s got a girlfriend. Get this into your head. Apart from being a stuck-up little shit, is a psychopath. And that’s it. Can’t you see how he looks at you?

He’s dying to blow your brains out while he fucks you up the ass. – He’s nuts. – Sounds like you know him. Very well. Encourage him, you’ll see. He’ll come round, with knife and camera. – So what now? – Nothing. Nothing? We know who it is. So just go home.

– We’ve got to tell the police. – Like hell! Not me. Anyway, we’ve got no proof. We don’t even know where the old man got the tape. From the archives. No way. Hello! Anyone home? Angela? Hello, darling. A friend of yours is here. He’s gorgeous. Is Angela in?

There she is. Make yourself at home. Thanks. Are you a bit nervous? How did you get my address? I do my investigating too. I see. What do you want? I’ve brought the interview. Thank you. There was no need to. That’s not why I’m here. Why then? For shots of you. What?

There are no takes of you doing the interview. We need them for the editing. Of course, I forgot. When you’re ready. What, here? Yeah, it’s closed. You can’t tell where we are. You’ll see. Where’s your bedroom? I don’t like to be taped. Don’t give me that. You’re so pretty.

Don’t worry, it won’t take long. How long have you had that camera? About 4 months. It’s no longer on the market. Good God! You know everything. I got it second hand. Why do you ask? No special reason. You like asking questions, don’t you? Can I ask you one? Sure.

What’s the color of my eyes? I don’t know. I haven’t really looked. So you’re a liar as well. Much longer? You in a hurry? It’s almost lunchtime. Bosco, stay for lunch, will you? – I’d love to. – Great. I’ll nip out and get a few things. Be good now. What are you doing?

The light’s bad for this camera. – Sit on the bed. – Why? I haven’t got a good focus from here. Sit on the bed. That’s it. When you’re ready. We’re now talking with Bosco, a classmate of Vanessa’s, who was close to her prior to her… You’re not checking? It’s one straight take.

Look at me as you ask the questions. Did Vanessa mix with strange people? Do you think she was kidnapped? Did you know about her private life? Who could she have run away with? That’s it. Hang on. Your approving nod, as you hear my answers. You can put them in after.

– One thing… – What? – Yesterday, we were closer. – I don’t think so. Does it bother you if I come closer? No. When will it begin to bother you? Please. Every word means an inch closer. It’s not funny. Don’t speak. Are you nervous? – Of course not. – Not a word.

The mouth can be a big killer. I’m not going to die. I’m-not-going-to-die. Five inches. What’s the color of my eyes? Are you going to kill me? Six inches closer for saying that. One more word and we’ll collide. I thought you liked this. Next time I’ll punch you on the nose.

There won’t be a next time. Angela, how can you let Bosco set the table? – Who changed the channel? – I did. The news is a bore. What would you know? Where’s the remote control? Bosco, so you work as well as study? I film every now and then. On? Anything… A wedding.

– A baptism. – Does it pay? A fair bit. Angela’s never done anything like that. She’s got enough with her thesis. Are you doing a thesis? I’ve just started. On what? I’m not sure yet. “Audiovisual violence and the family”. Does violence interest you? Not really. She loves it. Something’s wrong with her brain.

She spends the day analyzing violent films. – Sena, shut up. – Is the project part of your thesis? No. Why? The last film she brought home was something. Are you doing a project? On what? Shall we eat? That’s enough talk. What do you study? – I started Law this year. – Law?

Well, well. I wanted to study Law. Is that so? Why didn’t you? I don’t know. I’m not cut out for it. You’ve got to be very… determined. And intelligent. I’m not, and I’m studying it. Bosco, your meat’s getting cold. You look it. What? Intelligent. How’s Yolanda? Who’s Yolanda? The girl he’s dating.

We’ve broken up. Really? More or less. This meat’s very good. He’s been to your house? Fuck me! Why did you let him in? It’s not my fault if he wins my family over. It’s you he’s won over. Not even coffee for me, and you take him home. Stop being silly and listen.

He says he bought the camera second hand, 4 months ago. Second hand? That snobby git? Sure it was new, with a guarantee. He’s tricked you again. – We can check. – Check what? You either believe him, or me. Don’t talk rubbish. – Good morning. – Good morning.

I’ve got a problem. I’ve lost a bill. They lost it at the shop too. They told me… – I could get it here. – What was it? An XT-500 camera. That must have been bought… Two years ago. The guarantee’s expired. I know. But I like to keep bills. That’s good. Let’s see. 1993…

– Are you from Madrid? – Yes. Your name. I bought it in my brother’s name, Bosco Herranz. He has to come himself. On the phone they told me that wasn’t necessary. Who told you that? A girl, I think. One moment. SCHOOL OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS Fuckin’ hell! Fuck! I knew it. Freddy Kruger himself.

Long time no see. I’ve been busy. – Jerking yourself off. – Less than you. Can I look at the closed circuit recordings? Do you want me to get fired? – The 12th, in the archives. – Not so fast. What’s in it for me? – My body. – No shit. High class porn. Hello.

How did you get in? What do you want? Don’t you know? To kill you. Angela. Phone. Angela. Phone. Some guy Castro. – Hello? – Hello, Angela. – Hello. – Hope I didn’t get you up. Not at all. I’ve looked at your work. I wanted to talk about it. Angela? Yes.

How about today at 11 , in my office? – Fine. – Great. – See you later. – Bye. – Hello? – Is Angela there? No, she isn’t. Yes. – Hi. – Hi,Angela. Come in. – How are you? – Fine. – Have a seat. – Thank you. Cigarette? No thanks, I don’t smoke.

Let’s see now. It’s somewhere here. I’m hopeless. Here it is. Let’s see. Why does violence interest you? Because we come across it daily in the cinema, on TV, and we’re now too used to it. – So? – That worries me. Why? Because I don’t like violence. Do you reject it? Of course. Always?

Yes. Violence is also something innate to us all. We can’t sensor every film. But the director must realise what he’s doing. The director’s only got to do what the public wants. It’s the basic principle of any show. Do you reject show business? No, but… It’s a very complex issue. For example…

What type of violence do you want to focus on? What? Any genre in particular? I get the impression, correct me if I’m wrong… I think your approach is rather… – Superficial? – Yes. You can’t be. This is a research project. These are just notes. So you’re investigating? What?

I don’t know. You tell me. Tell you what? What you’re investigating. I didn’t say that, you did. Okay, then. Since you don’t seem willing to cooperate… I don’t get it. Okay, I’ll tell you in a different way. What killed Figueroa? Why do you ask me that?

He was your director of research. You must know what killed him. You said it was an asthma attack. He was quite old. But I wonder what he saw in that room that could’ve killed him. Any idea? No. You love to theorize. You must have some theory – about it. – I don’t. Angela?

I think you’re very intelligent. You’ll go very far. That’s why I don’t understand your behavior. I don’t understand you. Really? You don’t understand me? I think you do. Think what you wish. I’ve heard enough. You know something? So have I. I hate these situations. It’s humiliating to be caught lying.

Don’t you think so? You wonder why people lie? Why are you lying? What’s on that tape? You’ve lost your voice. Very well then. I want that tape in my office, tomorrow. Okay? Now, tell me. Why did you take it? – Hello? – Is Angela there? No. Who is it? Where is she?

She had a meeting with a professor at the University. Who? Angela, I can’t direct the thesis of someone who steals, lies, and, worst of all, who doesn’t trust me. For the last time. Why did you take it? I don’t know. – Where did you get it? – I don’t know.

– Was it yours? – No! – You wanted to get it back? – No. – So why did you take it? – I don’t know. I’m getting tired of this. No professor will direct your thesis if you’re not straight with them. It’s nothing to do with my thesis. It’s more serious.

I’m all ears. No one knows this. Hello? What? For you. Me? Take it in there. – Hello. – Angela. It’s Chema. Get out of there right now! What the hell are you doing there? That guy’s in it! – How do you know that? – Does he know about the tape?

– He knows I took it. – The bastard knows everything. He wants it back. Find some excuse and get out of there. Hello? Okay. I think I’ve got to go. – Really? – Yes. See you. Shouldn’t we finish? Angela! Listen, please… – My thesis, my degree… – Your life’s at stake.

– I called you all day yesterday. – I called you too. – He’ll come after me now. – He’s one of them. – I thought it was only Bosco. – You’re wrong. How many are there? Not a clue. But Castro’s one of them. – How do you know that? – Shit!

He knew you’d taken the tape. Of course. A closed circuit camera recorded me. Yes, and another camera recorded him. – That’s Figueroa. – Hang on. – Where was he? – In that corner. He found out everything. He found the tape. – What’s in that corner? – An underground store-room.

– Where they hide things. – What things? I’ve taken some. Vanessa’s not the only one. There were other victims. It’s not an isolated incident. It’s a business: Accidents, torture, killings. It’s all down there. – The cameras must be there. – What cameras? 13 XT-500 cameras, bought by the University 2 years ago.

Do you know what that means? First of all that Bosco’s probably got nothing to do with this. Not again. Why do you always – defend him? – There are more cameras. Any student could’ve made that film. No student made that film. I’m sure. – How do you know that? – Because I did…

Projects with those cameras. What? 2 years ago. Before they were removed. Why didn’t you tell me? I’m telling you now. Those projects have nothing to do with this. Those cameras are probably gathering dust somewhere. They’ve disappeared. No one knows where they are. Great.

– They’ve got to be down there. – There’re only tapes. We’ve got to find them. I’ve been down there. There’re only tapes. – Tonight, Chema. – No way! Listen to me, just this once. You’re doing this for him. You’ve fallen for that bastard, you idiot. Tonight, idiot. What do you want?

To talk with you. About? Vanessa was killed. With so much theory, we weren’t going anywhere. So Vanessa and I went to a director’s workshop. Bosco too. We did a couple of things with the cameras. – What type of cameras? – I can’t remember. A guy in another class took it very seriously.

He was always telling us what to do. Bosco and that guy went for it. They started working together. One day they asked a girl to act in a short. She had to take her clothes off, and, well, I left halfway through. Why? It was awful. And the professor didn’t say anything?

– Who was the professor? – Jorge Castro. Do you know him? The worst was still to come. Towards the end of the year, Bosco’s friend told us about snuff. Do you know what that is? They would choose someone, anyone, kidnap, torture and kill them, and record everything. No editing effects, no make-up.

Everything in one sequence shot. He was obsessed with snuff. Vanessa and I started to get scared because he said it was very easy to make films like that. I told Bosco we should get out. And? They stopped talking to each other. I don’t know why. The workshop closed. A week later, Vanessa disappeared.

They said she ran away from home. She’d have told me. I’m sure. That guy killed her. He used her to make a snuff movie. What about the letter? They sent it after she disappeared. She might have been forced to write it. And the guy? Your friend, with glasses. I’ve seen you with him.

There are more. Do you watch TV? They’re cases like Vanessa’s. 5 girls in 2 years. “The police suspect the existence of a video snuff network”. There’s no clear motive. No bodies. Have you told Bosco? We haven’t spoken much lately. Besides, he wouldn’t believe me. Chema’d never do that. You never know.

– I know him. – Me too. And I know it’s him. – You don’t believe me? – Exactly. And this? You don’t believe it either? “The best woman in the world found her other half. She wore the trousers, he gave the blows. You had many lovers, none of them alive today.

They died, crushed, while making love. There are times when the truth…” We can go now. Did you know Bosco? Did you? Did you? – Yes. – Great. Thanks for telling me, now. You told him about snuff. So? Making snuff movies is something else. Why do you want to find Vanessa’s friends

When you know who they are? I hardly knew Vanessa, and her crazy friend even less. I only knew Bosco. Why did you fall out? – I didn’t trust him. – You didn’t trust him. He looks nice and sweet, but he’s a right bastard. You’re the bastard. You’ve been lying to me.

You said the project had nothing to do with this. I didn’t want to be associated with Bosco. I didn’t want to frighten you. I didn’t want you to think that I… Since when do you care what I think of you? You’re right. Think what you want.

– And suppose I think that… – What? Nothing. Forget it. – What about the cameras? – I know the security guy. Hi. Now what? It was around here. This way. These tunnels lead to the old heaters. No one’s been down here in years. This way. See? Only tapes. Figueroa took the first one.

How many are there? About 200. Must be good business. What are you doing? Help me find the cameras. Bloody hell! Shit! – What is it? – The masters. – Worth a fortune. – Are they the originals? No, but they’ve got to be here. – Chema, don’t waste time. – Everything’s in the originals.

– If we find them, they’re fucked. – They must have destroyed them. What was that? It’s been closed from outside. No way! Or perhaps worse. Worse? Shit. We’ve been locked in. Be quiet. – Chema, where are you? – Beside you. You’re suffocating me.

– What are they going to do to us? – Goodness knows. – Do you smoke? – No. – Shit, we need a lighter. – I’ve got matches. – Seriously? – I think so. Why are you breathing like that? Like a dog. Fuck. Give me the matches. It’s half empty. Good.

We’ve got to keep moving. We can’t let them find us. There. There’s someone. Looking at us. – It’s our shadow. – No. No. You disappoint me. – I’m scared. – Fuckin’ hell! Me too. But that won’t get us out of here. – What’s happened? – The match has gone out. Chema, hold me.

– What’s happened? – Someone’s touched me. You told me to hold you! Don’t leave me. Why have you gone quiet? – Why aren’t you saying anything? – What can I say? I don’t know. Tell me who you are. What you do. I’m Chema, I’m walking. I’m walking, I’m Chema. Hello, I’m Chema.

The blood’s no longer flowing in my arm. Sorry. I’ll tell you a story, for children. Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a big palace. And? Let’s see. This way. When she was 13 they had a big party for her, with clowns, magicians, acrobats. But this bored her.

Then an ugly dwarf appeared, jumping around, doing pirouettes. “Please, keep on jumping,” said the princess. But the dwarf couldn’t. So the princess was sad and went to her chamber. The dwarf soon went to get her, sure she would go to live with him in the wood. “She’s not happy here,” he thought.

“I’ll take care of her. I’ll always make her laugh.” The dwarf searched the palace for the princess’ room, but he saw something awful in one of the rooms. A monster with bloody, deformed eyes, huge feet and hairy hands. The dwarf almost died when he realized that he was

Looking at himself in a mirror. Just then, the princess walked in with her cortege. “There you are. How nice! Dance for me again, please.” But the dwarf was on the ground, unable to move. The Court doctor took his pulse. “He won’t dance for you again, princess,” he said. “Why?”

“Because his heart is broken.” And the princess said: “From now on, anyone who sets foot in this palace must not have a heart.” The wire bends and the match ends. We’ll never know which way to go. There must be another exit. So what? We can’t see anything. Chema, strike a match here.

What is it? Shit! – What are you doing? – Burn it. Go on. Fuck! – This is the editing room. – Jesus! Look. I told you so. They’ve thrown away what they no longer need. But Bosco’s camera might be one of these. I’m cold. Do you want my coat? No thank you. Good.

How many matches are left? Fuck! What now? I don’t know. It’s burning out. Take some more clothes off. – Why don’t you? – Okay, it was a daft idea. Are they going to come and kill us? Yes. What are we going to do? Shit. It’s going out. Never mind.

I can’t see your face. I wouldn’t know if it was someone else. Five, four, three, two… – It’s not funny. – One. Good-bye, princess. I’m freezing. Hug me if you want to. I want to. Go on, then. Chema? Don’t look at the track. What’s the color of my eyes?

You’ve fallen in love with that bastard, you idiot. What killed Figueroa? Because his heart’s broken. The police know everything. You’ve lied to me before. You killed Vanessa. You killed all of them. I’ve never killed anyone. I only edit the films. – Have you seen them? – They’re rubbish.

You’ve got to give the public what it wants. This is just the beginning. Who killed them then? I’ll tell you his name if you tell me who called you this morning. You know very well what’s going to happen now. That person won’t come. I don’t know where he is. You’re lucky,

I won’t make you suffer. It’ll be painless. Now, please, for your own good, don’t move your head. His name is Jorge Castro. He’s pointing a gun at me now. Very well then, don’t move. My name is Angela. I’m going to be killed. – Exactly… – No! He’s dead.

Didn’t you want to see a killing? Didn’t you? Chema! I’ve found a way out. I didn’t pull the trigger. He did. I didn’t kill him. What are we going to do now? What are we going to do? To begin with, shut your gob. We mustn’t see each other for a while.

I’ll keep the master copies. And let that fucker come for them if he’s got the balls. Suppose it’s not him. The Third Man. – Citizen Kane. – No, The Third Man. Told you so. Hi. Hi. – Something wrong? – No. I’m going to bed.

I thought you were with Sena. She’s with your friend. What friend? Bosco. He called a short while ago. They went to a party. Did they say where? – What are you doing here? – Where is he? In the bath. Do you want a drink?

– No. Let’s go ba… – He’s left his girl. He likes me. Let’s go home. Why? Sena, just go. – Why? – Bosco and I are together. You’re the gooseberry here. Am I supposed to believe that? I’m going to the toilet. That way. What’s going on?

– Don’t do anything to me. – What can I possibly do to you? What do you want from me? Leave my sister alone. – It’s you I love. – What for? I told you not to come. Let’s go to the police. Yeah, right now. I’m serious. That’s enough!

– Get out of the way. – You’re worse than a child. I don’t want to go to prison. You’re not going to. It was in self-defense. – Who’s going to believe that? – It’s on film. So? – We know about the cameras. – So? Cops don’t like me. Nobody likes me. Last night…

Chema, it’s too much for me now. Is that so? Let’s go to the police, or I’ll go mad. Where are you going? To have a shower. We’ve got to look presentable. Chema… I won’t leave you. Nor me you. – Chema, where are the masters? – I can’t hear you. Hello? Police.

Why did you lock up from inside? – What’s going on? – What’s the matter? Someone’s been calling all afternoon. – Who? – I don’t know. They took me for you. What did they say? Called me a whore, and threatened to kill me. It’s him. Angela. It was a girl.

Bosco, I know you’re there. You can’t fool me anymore. No more lies. They saw you at a disco last night. How could you? She doesn’t love you. She’s a lying bitch. They all are. Who’s going to love you like me? Bosco, you can’t leave me like this. You can’t. I won’t allow it.

I’m capable of anything… Do you hear me? Don’t answer the phone. Let no one in. Where are you going? I won’t be long. – What are you doing here? – Can I come in? I called your house. They gave me this address. I come here at weekends. Come in. Are you alone?

Yes, my parents only come in summer. – Sorry to bother you. – Don’t worry, I was trying to study… I’m glad you’ve come. – Yolanda knows about last night. – I know. I want you to talk to her. What for? We’ve broken up. She’s been calling my home. Take no notice.

She threatened to kill me. You’re not the first. What do you mean? She couldn’t stand me talking with other girls. It was too much. She threatened all of them. Vanessa too? What? She knew about you and Vanessa, didn’t she? What are you saying? There was nothing between me and Vanessa.

You’re always up to something, aren’t you? Yolanda’s right. You’re something else. I’m beginning to think so too. Poor Angela, always worried. So I should. Why? What’s the matter? I don’t want to carry on with this. Why are you playing with me? I’ve got to go.

– Last night you were different. – I was drunk. Liar. Are you ever going to tell me? – What? – That you like me. I like you. Let’s do it then. There’s light outside. The fuse must have blown. I’ll have a look. Bosco? I’ve come to save you again. Don’t!

Have no fear. Give that to me. Angela! Tell me what you see. You wanted to kill me, eh? You son of a bitch. You wanted to kill me? You shit snake! You always were! Call an ambulance. Let’s tie him up first. Chema? Why? Why? The… garage. The garage… Out of the way.

I’m going to kill you. Say hello. Say hello. She was furious this afternoon. I had to kill her. She never understood anything. In fact, I thought you were cleverer but you’ve gone too far… Let me tell you what we’re going to do. Hello! Testing, testing. Look at the camera.

First, I’m going to beat you for a while… until you lose consciousness. I’ll wait till you come round, then cut your arms and legs. Then I’ll cut you up. Exactly how, I’ll see as I go along. If I cut off a hand, I might put it on your head like a coronet.

Those poofy things are great. Or I might make you eat your ear. If I make a good job of it, I can take out your intestines without killing you. Frightening, isn’t it? Look at me. Frightening. You’ll bleed heavily. When you’re almost dead, I’ll shoot you in the mouth…

Then cut you up and get rid of you. By the way, you did an appalling job on Castro. Alright, then… we’re ready. Don’t move. Don’t move! That hand! I won’t harm you. That hand! Tell me one thing. The color of my eyes? JUSTICE AND THE LAW Good afternoon.

When love, torture, death and money merge, events such as the one which has been in the news these days take place. The “Snuff Girls” case, as it’s been called. Bosco was a sensitive and studious young man, a very normal person, according to his friends and family. In this garden…

He hid the bodies of 6 girls, missing since 1993. One of them was his girlfriend. In this week the police have found many snuff movies and papers which incriminate Jorge Castro Professor of Cinema, who, the police say died accidentally on the 3rd, as he was about to start a snuff recording.

The police have given no further information about this. This case marks the beginning in our country of the “snuff movie” phenomenon. Hi. Hi. I couldn’t come before. The police have been hounding me. Me too. I saw you on TV. By the way… I’m going to switch it off. This is the best part.

They do as I say. How are you? I’m coming out tomorrow. I’ve brought you something. THE PRINCESS AND THE DWARF I’ve already got this edition. This one’s dedicated. I haven’t got my glasses. The day I discovered the tunnels I found the cameras, and I took one. Why? You know me. I’m a bastard.

You can punch me if you want. I don’t want to. Why don’t you look at me? I don’t want to. I’m going then. Why? Because. Okay then. Good luck with your thesis. I’ve abandoned it. Can we watch TV now? Granddad… read me this dedication please. “First edition February, 1992…” Just the dedication.

“Poetry and prose collection”, Fancy a coffee? “No part of this work can be reproduced in any form…” A spine-chilling case, a story of blood and terror in which reality and fiction combine to produce something of which no rational mind is capable. We can only ask: How can someone do something like that?

Is there really a public that demands and consumes this type of cinema? Well, the long awaited moment has arrived. As announced, we have managed to get our hands on one of those macabre tapes. The images you’re about to see are of Vanessa being savagely tortured,

And subjected to all types of atrocities before being killed. Unpleasant as it is to show these images, we think they are of interest to all. The crude violence speaks for itself. Here now are those images. THE IMAGES YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE ARE EXTREMELY CRUDE AND VIOLENT.

While doing a thesis about violence, Ángela finds a snuff video where a girl is tortured until death. Soon she discovers that the girl was a former student in her faculty…

Directed by Alejandro Amenábar

Written by Alejandro Amenábar
Mateo Gil

Produced by Emiliano Otegui
José Luis Cuerda

Starring Ana Torrent
Fele Martínez
Eduardo Noriega

Cinematography Hans Burman

Edited by María Elena Sáinz de Rozas

Music by Alejandro Amenábar

Production companies Las Producciones del Escorpión, S.L. Sogepaq
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  1. Tenía años queriendo ver esta película, y se ha vuelto una de mis favoritas, en verdad es de las mejores que he visto. Bosco de verdad que da miedo desde que le ves la cara 😅

  2. Diossss esto sí es cine, es muy original e interesante. Los personajes, las dudas que te crean, todo está increíble. Necesitamos más películas con originalidad como esta, de verdad. 100/10

  3. No me la puedo career, a sido una montaña rusa de emociones. Lo que veo a menudo en libros o películas thriller es que cuando en misterio está establecido crean dudas alrededor de lo ya establecido lo cual juega con mi mente de manera monumental. Amo a chema, el sido el verdadero y recurrente héroe aquí por decirlo de esa manera. Lo amo <3
    Pero es increíble como nos hacen dudar de esa manera nunca me canzo de lo sorprendente que es cuando tratan de crear dudas y cambiar la narrativa solo para hacerte sentir culpable por dudar la información establecida

  4. De verdad me encanto esta película. Hace muchísimo tiempo no me sorprendía tanto y esta tuvo mi completa atención desde el inicio hasta el final.

    Gracias x compartirla <3

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