Kamala Says Black People Need To Keep Fighting For Freedom

2023-06-25 16:56:05 00:00:49 During CNN’s Juneteenth a global celebration for Freedom Concert where acts like Charlie Wilson SWV and Coyle array performed they also were joined by that of Vice President Kamala Harris where she gave a speech basically saying the story of Juneteenth is an ongoing fight for freedom and she also brought

Up that of Coretta Scott King who said the same thing so many years ago but my thing is this why do we always got to be fighting for freedom I thought that’s what Juneteenth was about right that’s when the last slaves in the Union in 1865 June 19th got the word hey you’re

Free so why do black people got to continue to fight for that do she know something that we don’t know because no one else is having to continue to fight for their freedom so again why do we need to continue to do that

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29 thoughts on “Kamala Says Black People Need To Keep Fighting For Freedom

  1. We been fighting over 400years. You clowns better stop supporting her and anyone who voted against a Real Jew/ Black American Crime Bill, reparations and the affirmative action. Buy Black.. Not Asian or Yt. They can support eachother

  2. It's because she knows we're actually not sovereign citizens. We never have been. The only thing I'm fighting for is waking up folks in my community to understand this so that we can come together and reestablish our own lands that were stolen. To rebuild the communities flooded and burned into obscurity. To stay focused on creating a legacy for our children, grandchildren and future progeny. We can only make this a reality by coming together . We must cease allowing them to distract and separate us. It's time to awaken from the American Dreaming…


  3. 😂"Does she know something we don't know?" Yea she knows we aren't free. How can we be when we haven't been compensated and repaired financially from centuries of being enslaved and discriminated against? We have no real power without reparations

  4. So, wait! You don't have access to healthcare, education, food, indoor plumbing, disease free environments, paved roads, transportation, open avenues for business and trade and all of the other things Americans have access to?….Huh! ain't that some ish. And here I thought Black Americans did. I must be living under a rock. Carry-on, then, and keep "fighting for freedom." Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to continue to use those aforementioned resources and not give two fs about your delusions of slavery.

  5. If Kamala doesn't make you feel like you are still a slave, she doesn't have any power. So they still play the race card because they think you are too stupid to think for yourself. Vote Republican, you literally have nothing to lose.

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