Profil Pascasarjana UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang 2023

2023-05-29 02:12:57 00:10:00 Foreign Time changes very fast competition is getting more and more competitive Superior competent and Innovative human resources are needed in responding to this challenge the postgraduate program of uyin Maulana Malik ibrahimalang is ready to produce grade weights who are superior and competent in their fields from various disciplines foreign future by joining the postgraduate

Program at oin Maulana Malik Ibrahim alang which is excellent and has an international reputation Postgraduate program is located at Jalan in Senor Su car no one Batu City it is strategically located with a cool atmosphere and is very comfortable place to study graduate program was founded in 1999 based on the decree of the minister of religion of the Republic of Indonesia

Number 84 of 1999 dated March 29 1999. The pasta Ibrahim Malang foreign Thank you post graduate program at uwin Maulana Malik ibrahimalang until June 2022 has produced 504 graduates from the doctoral program and 4726 grade which from the Masters program all 5230 postgraduate graduates Pride throughout Indonesia with details of 457 doctors and 4487 Masters as well as 286 graduates of

The doctoral and Masters program from overseas which are spread across Singapore Malaysia Thailand Saudi Arabia Libya Russia and the Philippines under the auspices of mawlana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Malang which already has an a accreditation rating postgraduate program is supported by competent and qualified teaching staff at the doctoral and Professor level

In Malang postgraduate program has various disciplines consisting of eight masters programs and six doctoral programs including master of Islamic education management accredited a master of Arabic language education accredited a master of Islamic Studies accredited a master of education for madrasa iftidaya teachers accredited B master of Shia accredited a master of Islamic

Economics accredited B master of Islamic education accredited a superior masters of Arabic language and literature are created good doctor of Islamic education management accredited a doctors of Arabic language education accredited a doctors of Islamic education based on interdisciplinary studies activated B doctor of Islamic family law aggregation is in progress

Doctor of Islamic economics accreditation is in progress doctor of Islamic Studies accreditation is in progress Postgraduate student academic activities are supported by the library facility of uyin Maulana Malik ibrahimalan which has been accredited a twice in a row from the national library and joined two International organizations it is a comfortable place that is enjoyable for Learning and reading activities uyin Malang library has modern and complete facilities The universe Islamic mawlana Malik Ibrahim young Mama by Massachusetts reset Ibrahim has provided facilities and infrastructure to support various learning activities and can be accessed by all students such as mosque Car and motorbike parking sites Shops stationery and photocopying services Multi-purpose Hall which is used for seminars judicium new students orientation and other activities ummi clinical health facility is a place for students to River when they are sick and sick for treatment or for other health related consultations language development centered laboratory is a unit that facilitate foreign language learning for the Academy

Community of uyin Maulana Mal Ibrahim micro teaching and multimedia facilities organizing and providing services to students in practicum activities and skills in learning activities develop research activities in the field of education for lecturers and students unit of Information Technology development and database ptipd is a unit that manages and develops Information

Technology systems and databases within Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Malang there are several application facilities and features developed and used by students in their studies sports centers facilities including football field Foley badminton and basketball Guidance or Counseling Services provide services to the academic community of uyin Maulana Malik Ibrahim especially for students which are carried out individually or in groups especially oriented towards choosing a future career scholarship facilities from the cooperation program include Ministry of Finance lpdp scholarship 5 000 doctors scholarship Ministry of Youth and sports scholarship

Local government scholarships Ministry of religion lpdp Rising Indonesia’s scholarship or bib origin college scholarships scholarships

Pascasarjana UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang
Alamat: Jalan Raya Ir. Soekarno No.34 Dadaprejo, Pendem, Kec. Junrejo, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65324
Telepon: (0341) 531133
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