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According to this research,it is evident that violent media content directly stimulus violent in the society. Any life lost following the aggression trigger or amplified by violent video games is proof enough that the society should debate for a ban in the production of violent videos sold to underage children. Pratt took steps to produce pornography for his own subscription website, GirlsDoPorn, which featured young women aged 18 to 22 who had never appeared in adult videos before. The massive content sources selection of streaming XXX videos available when you enter the Kodi XXXodus pron addon is mind boggling. This does not mean that a person becomes a bloody killer after playing video game for one day; the acts of violence towards other people build up with time as a person becomes drawn to these violent content. Shockingly, the two cases show a correlation that indeed playing violent video games can indeed produce violence in the society.These are some of the cases surrounding playing violent video games among youths, who end up killing their friends and family to make the game real (Keim,1) The revelation that prior to these two gunmen committing murder played at least one violent game shows that over exposure to violent media content can destabilize a persons cognition.

It is essential to note that human minds are influenced by the outside world, and what a person witness in the violent games might affect their real life cognition (Layton, 1). Professor Haussmann’s study revealed that violent video games has both short and long term psychology impacts on the player; this explains the violence tendencies after playing these games (Anderson, et al, 3-4).Another crucial research showing a relationship between playing violent video games and increased violence in the society is Brad Bushman’s 2010 research; Bushman is a communication and psychology professor at Ohio State. It is essential to note that playing violence games is addictive and some players might feel the need to prove their skills in the real world (Anderson, et al, 61). This addiction of violence triggers the brain to execute violence tendencies, affecting a person’s psychology. He’s gradually become more and more of an ass, and last week we spent time together and I called him out for it, getting clearly pissed off and telling him clearly how I felt, that I need consistency if Im going to sleep with a guy all the time and I won’t just sleep with him casually without ANY emotional connection.

The victims of Breivik and Lanza are the evidence that the government, the courts and other government officials need to restrict production of violent video games. One of the recent cases of the influence of violent games and production of violent behavior is the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut. Research shows that every person can be violent if encounters ideologies that can trigger such behavior. By deleting a person from the frame, it could be used as a type of privacy fail safe in the event that one’s camera is hacked and/or commandeered. This means that if a child become a video game addict, he or she become estranged to other people and withdraw from real life and human touch (Keim,1) Thus, this distorts his socialization and in most cases, alienate a video game player from his friends and family. Adult toys typically provide the best of testimonials for things such as the recently released Trojan Invisible Touch featuring satisfied customers discretely describing what it does for them like as if it’s a medical miracle, but for their pleasure. The results are ads for things like sexually transmitted disease (STD) treatment (Valtrex), erectile dysfunction (Viagra), male sexual performance enhancement (Extenze), and other products for private parts, private problems, or all of the previous that convey their message through patient testimonials done by actors who struggle to keep a straight face the entire time.