The Mayan Calendar – Is 2012 Really The End?

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The calendar rolls over to the 14th baktun on December 21, 2012-a cycle that would have lasted 5,125 years from beginning. Health supplement the Mayans, this is named a the Great Cycle. Possibly the Mayan predictions pointed to something even bigger, called precession among the equinoxes. The axis of rotation moves very slowly, making one complete rotation every 26,000 years. The given for a plausible cause for why the Mayans ended their calendar on that date in 2012, as this not only is this the date for the winter months solstice, however the Earth will complete its precession tomorrow as good.

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With the Julian, every forth year is a leap annum. It is as simple as which in turn. If you divide the year by 4 and also the answer can be a whole number, it is often a leap time of year. So, 4 AD was a leap year. 8 AD was a leap halloween. So was 300. 1900 would happen to a leap year also, if the Julian calendar had still been employed in 1900.

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