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4. All sites are checked for malware and phising attempts twice a day for a safe porn experience without a nasty surprise. When people hear the phrase “employment agency,” they are most likely to either think of some grim state unemployment office, or some well-known outfits such as “Manpower” or “Kelly Services.” Long thought to be either a source of temporary secretarial work or day laboring jobs, employment agencies have gone far beyond these two traditional categories and have branched out into many niches of the employment sector. Parents seeking sitters simply enter their requirements into a search engine, and sitters who live nearby also register their profile on these employment sites. Though it is still possible considering there are internet investigators who are constantly tracking these type of websites for users. Second, there is a remote risk that by inviting a stranger into one’s home, the parent might unwittingly be inviting a criminal who is more interested in casing the home and passing along the information to a burglar, or in looking for enough information with which to carry out identity theft, than in caring for one’s child.

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