WIBTA If I Told A Friend She’s In An MLM?

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Feminists are definitley hiding and covering things up because there have been cases when for example there was this man who was talking about true stories of serious abuse that men have suffered at the hands of women and he got death threats for it. The same is probably true for Rand Paul. He just delivered what’s said to have been a major foreign policy address — Vox’s Zack Beauchamp breathlessly described it as “one of friday the 13th sex scene; see page, most important foreign policy speeches in decades.” (Do GOP primary voters don’t read Vox? Um, I don’t think so.) At The Washington Post, Paul Waldman is less gobsmacked, but he thinks Paul may have done a fine job of needle-threading in the speech. It won’t happen — but if it did, the press and a lot of centrist voters would be stupid enough to fall for it. The interesting thing is that, despite the similarity of Paul’s ideas to those of Obama, Paul’s speech showed that it probably isn’t all that hard to give GOP voters what tey want on foreign policy.

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Live sex chat is more enjoyable when you interact with the model too: so don’t be afraid to chuck 10 bucks onto your live cam site account every once in a while to pleasure the women that are able to pleasure you. Unless you think all the older Republicans are going to stay home while under-35s do all the voting, this is a recipe for failure in the GOP primaries. I think if Jeb Bush or Rand Paul decided to abandon the GOP to the Ben Carsons and Ted Cruzes, both the Chamber of Commerce and the mainstream media could flock to the breakaway candidacy. This time, though, it would be an extremely right-wing third-party movement — just not quite as right-wing on every issue as, say, Ted Cruz. I’ll say this, though: 2016 might be the year when a third-party movement could elect a president. If you chat across a wide range of networks, Eyeball Chat might be a better choice than Windows Live Messenger as it offers the ability to text chat with Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo!